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stroke==>what type of body posture
I. typical stroke is in CEREBRUM d/t carotid artery occlusion (ABOVE red nucleus in midbrain)
==>decorticate posturing (deCORTicate b/c closer to CORTex)

*wrists and elbows flexed
*ankles and knees extended

II. if stroke is in midbrain (BELOW red nucleus of midbrain)
==>dEcErEbrate posturing *"E"xtension of "E"xtensors (elbows and wrist)
nucleus solitarius
mneum: nucleus "S"olitarius="S"ensory for CN 7,9, 10
nucleus ambiguus
mneum: nucleus aMbiggus="M"otor for CN 9, 10
what nerve closes the eye
CN 7
what nerve opens the eye
CN 3
central scotoma
-can't see circle in middle of visual field
-often d/t optic neuritis in MS
homonymous hemianopsia
-where is lesion
-what can cause the lesion
-lesion in parietal lobe optic radiation
-caused by stroke
superior quadrantanopia
-where is lesion
-lesion in temporal lobe optic radiation
lesion in left parietal lobe optic radiation causes what?
right homonymous hemianopsia
lesion in left temporal lobe optic radiation causes what
right superior quandrantanopia
Argyll Robertson pupil
"Prostitute's pupil" b/c:
1. d/t tertiary syphilis
2. "accomodatexs but does not react" (accomodates [near vision] but does not react to light)
-what causes it
INO=InterNuclear Opthalmoplegia
-AKA MLF syndrome (MLF=Medial Longitudinal Fasciculus)

=bilateral lesion of MLK
-d/t MS
-neither eye can look medially when say "look left: and "look right"
-but eyes can converge (go medially at same time) b/c convergence is mediated by another system, not the MLF
-tests what
-calorics tests brainstem function

"COWS" indicates NORMAL response (intact brain stem):

"COWS"= Cold Opposite, Warm Same

-direction refers to direction of FAST phase of nystagmus:

-Put COLD water in ear==>
NORMAL response is:
1. Slow nystagmus toward water
2. Fast nystagmus AWAY water

ABNL response=no mvmt at all (i.e. pt in coma==>depressed brain stem==>no mvmt)
Doll's eye phenomenon
-tests what
-tets brain stem function

"INTACT Doll's Eye" is the NORMAL response (intact brain stem):
-when tilt head back, eyes move down (like a doll)

"ABSENT Doll's eye"=ABNL response:
-when tilt head down, eyes do not move