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The pineal gland is a part of what structure?
Is the pineal gland located on the anterior or posterior aspect of the 3rd ventricle?
What type of cells does the pineal gland consist of?
Through what structure does the retina project to the pineal gland?
In post-pubertal humans, what is thought to be the primary fuction of the pineal gland?
production of melatonin for sleep
If you have a hyperactive pineal gland the onset of puberty will be delayed or accelerated?
What is the thin strip of tissue that connects the two walls of the 3rd ventricle?
Masa intermedius
As you age, you get calcium deposits in the pineal gland and choroid plexus, these are called: ____ and it were used to diagnose:
brain sand, brain injuries like subdural hematoma
From anterior to posterior, name the three sections of the hypothalamus:
supraoptic(suprachiasmatic), tuberal, and mammillary
Name the 4 major inputs to the hypothalamus:
Septal region, thalamus, fornix, and group 4 (vagal sensory, taste from solitary nucleus, somatic from genitalia/nipples, retinal afferents)
list the steps from the amigdala to the cingulate gyrus
Amigdala>hippicampus> fornix>mamillary nucleus of hypothalamus > anterior nucleus of thalamus > cingulate gyrus
Which three afferents to the hypothalamus are related w/ the limbic system:
Septal region, thalamus, fornix
If stalk of Rathke’s pouch doesn’t disappear during development, then what condition can result?
you can have a duct that drains anterior pituitary hormones into oral cavity
Which hormones are related to the neurohypophysis
vasopressin (ADH) & oxytocin
Diabetes insipidus results in what condition and is caused by lack of what?
incessant urination & vasopressin
Excessive vasopressin reduces urination and is called:
Syndrome of Inappropriate ADH
Prolactin Inhibiting hormone (PIH) was discovered to be what?
What is the condition that results in spontaneous lactation called?
If a patient presents with galactorrhea and bilateral vision loss, they most likely have _______
prolactinoma, (causing compression of optic chiasm)
beta-lipotropin is a precursor of
beta endorphins
which receptors in the hyopthalamus control the release of ADH?
When light stimulates your sleeping eye, the retinosuprachiasmatic pathway activates what cascade of hormone release that assists in waking?
release of CRH (corticotropin RH) increasing ACTH, that increases cortisol level from adrenal cortex, which causes increase of epinepherine from adrenal medulla