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what is the hemisection/brown sequard syndrome?
hemisection of the spinal cord (ex: gunshot wound)
below lesion:
1. ipsilateral loss of motor, mechanoreception (corticospinal tract and dorsal column pathway)
2. contralateral loss of pain, temp sensation (ALS)
3. at site of lesion, lost of all sensory modalities on same side
where is the first synapse for the major pathway in the dorsal column path? what are other locations of synapse for primary neurons?
caudal medulla: nucleus gracilis or nucleus cuneatus dep on where the primary neuron originated

also, in ventral horn on LMN
and in clark's nucleus to go to cerebellum
where does decussation occur in the dorsal column pathway? what are those fibers called? what do they continue as?
decussation in the caudal medulla as internal arcuate fibers; cont as medial lemniscus
what occurs at the ventral posterior lateral nucleus of the thalamus?
location of synapse for secondary neurons in both the dorsal column pathway and spinothalamic tract
what type of fibers run in the dorsal column pathway?
mechanoreceptors and proprioceptors: Ia and AB(eta)
what type of fibers run in the anterolateral system?
nociceptors and thermoreceptors: AD(elta) and C fibers
what is te spinoreticular tract responsible for? where does it synapse? where does it project after synapse?
off spinothalamic tract; for attention and consciousness
synapses in medullary-pontine reticular formation
projects to (and synapses in) intralaminar thalamic nuclei; spreads over whole cortex for arousal
what is the spinomesencephalic tract responsible for? where does it project?
important for moderation of pain;
projects to periaqueductal gray of midbrain (surr cerebral aqueduct) and to superior colliculi
where do secondary neurons that are transmitting pain, temp decussate? how do they continue?
decussation through anterior commisure of spinal cord almost immediately after entry into spinal cord and after 1st synapse
continue as anterolateral pathway
how is the dorsal column path somatotopically organized in spinal cord?
lateral to medial in dorsal column of spinal cord:
occiput->neck->arm->upper trunk (cuneatus)
->lower trunk->leg (gracilis)
how is the ALS somatotopically organized in the spinal cord?
deep to superficial in anterolateral column of spinal cord (white matter):
where does the dorsal spinocerebellar tract decussate? where does it originate? what does it travel through rostrally?
origintes in clark's nucleus
continues rostrally through rostral medulla in inferior cerebellar peduncles; synapses in cerebellum