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what are the components of the brain stem (inferior to superior)
where is the diencephalon located?
b/w the cerebral hemispheres and the brainstem
what ventralized the spinal cord?
what is a funiculus?
column or segment of white matter (ex: dorsal funiculus)
what is the fxn of the dorsal funiculus?
carries sensory info to the brain
what is the name and fxn of the medial part of the dorsal column?
Fasiculus gracilis- carries sensory info from below T6
what is the name and fxn of the lateral part of the dorsal column?
fasiculus cuneatus- sensory info from above T6
what is the remnant of the hollow center from the neural tube in the spinal cord?
central canal
components of the forebrain
telencephalon- cerebral hemispheres, basal ganglia

diencephalon- thalamus, hypothalamus
what is the name of the protrusion that connects the thalamus between the 2 lobes? where is it?
thalamic adhesion
what is the name is the jxn between the spinal cord and medulla? medulla and pons? pons and midbrain?
what forms the 3rd ventricle?
wall of the diencephalon
what connects the 3rd and 4th ventricles?
cerebral aquaduct
where is the 4th ventricle located?
dorsal to the pons (and medulla), ventral to the cerebellum
what divides the frontal and temporal lobes?
lateral sulcus (sylvian fissure)
what is an area concerned with speech and which lobe is it located in?
temporal lobe
what would be a possible result of stroke in the left precentral gyrus?
motor problems on the right side; NO paralysis just wekaness because only affected upper motor neurons
how could you explain paralysis on the left side on the body?
damage to lower motor neurons on the LEFT (no crossover)
what is the calcarine sulcus? why is this landmark important?
runs rostral to caudal through occipital lobe; visual cortex lies along the bank of the calcarine sulcus
what is the limbic system involved with? where is it located?
emotion, learning, memory; cingulate gyrus on the medial side of the hemisphere above the corpus callosum
describe (roughly) the homunculus
pre and postcentral gyri;
lateral to medial: face, arm, trunk, leg
what is the name of the region that contains homunculus leg/feet?
paracentral lobule
describe the different fxns of the gyri in the temporal lobe
superior- auditory
inferior- face recognition
what are the regions of the inferior frontal gyrus and what is their importance?
anterior to posterior: orbitalis triangularis opercularis
2,3 considered Broca's area; usually on left in most ppl; stroke in this area leads to broca's aphasia and trouble articulating sentences
where is the region concerned with spatial orientation?
right parietal lobe
what is the septum pellucidum?
covers lateral ventricles
why is the paracentral lobule of clinical significance besides the fact that it is a continuation of the motor and somatosensory cortex?
has a different blood supply than the rest of the motor and somatosensory cortex regions
where is the pineal body?
on the dorsal surface;
dorsal to thalamus
superior to colliculi
what is the general fxn of the colliculi and where are they located?
in dorsal midbrain (just dorsal to cerebral aquaduct)
important in sesory (visual, auditory) reflexes
what is the uncus and why is it important?
medial region in cortex (temporal)
can be pushed against midbrain, causing damage to CN III (dilated, fixed pupil)
where does CNIII emerge?
off ventral midbrain (antennas on mickey)
where are the mamillary bodies?
what is the dark region in the midbrain demarcating micket's ears?
substantia nigra
what is the most medial part of the medulla?
what CN is between the inferior olive and the pyramids?
CN XII (tongue; imp to determine severity of lesion)
where does is CN II?
which CN does not protrude ventrally?
which CN is at the medulla/pons border?
which CN comes off at the lateral edge of the pons?
what is the facial colliculus?
2 bulges made of fiber bundles from CN VII; within the area of the 4th ventricle
what connects the cerebellum to the brainstem?
cerebellar peduncles
superior, middle, inferior
where are the colliculi?
seen from dorsal view
at midbrain
what is the corticospinal tract?
axons of upper motor neurons that terminate in the spinal cord when they synapse on lower motor neurons or interneurons
what do most upper motor neurons synpase on?
98% synapse on interneurons
2% on LMN