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What structures are supplied by the anterior circulation?
optic nerve, globe structures, some visual cortex
What is supplied by the posterior circulation of the eye?
primary visual cortex supply
What are the basic parts of the ophtho exam?
External exam (CNs, and ptosis), vision, pupils, visual fields
What technique is used to detect an afferent pupillary defect?
The swinging flashlight test
What are the causes of monocular vision loss over seconds?
MS, papilledema
What are the causes of monocular vison loss over minutes?
amaurosis fugax (temporary lack of blood supply to the retinal artery), migraine
What are the causes of monocular vision loss persistently?
ischemic optic neuropathy, optic neuritis, temporal arteritis
What are the causes of visual field losses?
stroke, mass
What can cause unequal pupils with one being larger (worse in bright light)?
third nerve palsy, pharm. dilated, Adie's tonic pupil, traumatic, post surgical
What can cause unequal pupils with one being smaller (worse in dim light)?
Horner's syndrome, pharm. miotic, traumatic, post surgical.
If one pupil is larger than the other, what is the work up?
If in the presence of CN III palsy, may be an aneurysm; Adie's tonic pupil constricts to 0.1% pilocarpine
If one pupil is SMALLER than the other, what is the workup?
Horner's doesn't dilate to 10% cocaine.
In Horner's syndrome, what pathway is affected?
The sympathetic pathway.
What is the pupillary dilation pathway?
From hypothalamus to cervical; cord to superior cervical ganglion (SCG); SCG to iris
What does CN IV innervate?
Superior oblique
What does CN VI innervate?
What does CN III innervate?
All recti and inferior oblique
What is the apperance of the eye in CN III palsy?
Down, out and blown