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Which sign is this:

Patient is supine with their hip flexed to 90 degrees and the ankle flexed as well. This stretches the nerve rootlets and causes pain if inflammation is present.
Kernig's sign
What sign is positive when the patient bends their knees when the neck is flexed while laying supine?
Brudzinski sign
What part of the brain does herpes virus typically attack?
Temporal and frontal lobes
In a young healthy person, what disease would you think they had rather then tuberculosis?
If you want to make sure it is ok to do a LP on a patient and you do not have access to a CT, what should you look for?
When measuring the CSF pressure with a manometer, if the reading is higher than ___ then they have high pressure.
What does cloudy CSF indicate?
WBCs in the CSF, thus a bacterial infection is present.
Name three different things that could cause bloody CSF.
1. Traumatic tap
2. Herpes encephalitis
3. Subarchnoid bleed
What is another name for clear yellow CSF?
What are the causes of xanthrochromia?
1. Elevated protein
2. Old bleed
Find patient naked and throwing up in his/her feces..suspect? How does it present?
Herpes b/c it might cause behavioral chnage

Can initially have PMNs in the CSF even though it is a virus