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What plays a key role in posture, locomotion, and manipulating objects?
Name two photoreceptors
Rods- night, rim
cones- day center
Where does the retinal pathway end?
occipital lobe area 17, 18, 19
What is the amount of world you can see at any one time without moving your head or eyes?
visual field
at what part does the visual pathway become the optic tract
Which system stabalizes your eyes, coordinates motor response, maintains postural stability? (equilibrium)
Vestibular system
What is the term used to define abnormal eye movement when the head is rotated?
Where are the sensory receptors for the vestibular system?
inner ear
What are the sensory receptors in the inner ear?
Labronth filled sacs filled with fluid called endolymph
1 utricle and 1 saccule (static;straight head)
3 semicircular planes; angular- rotation/up down/side to side
Explain the pathway of the vestibular system
Stimulis starts in the inner ear to the vestibular ganglion
8th cranial nerve->pons->medulla->thalamus->cortex->muscles of the head->cranial nerve III (occulomotor)
Which labyrinth pick up senses regarding eye control?
semicircular canals- Dynamic
Which labyrinth pick up senses regarding the position of the head in space?
utricle and saccule
Are broadmanns areas 4&6 information processing centers for motor or sensory?
Peripheral receptors through the thalamus, association cortex, sensory cortex, cerebellum and basil ganglia all send info to what area for motor cortex planning?
Area 6 premotor planning
Area 4 for motor planning
What tract is for motor cortex output?
Describe the motor cortex pathway
50%from area 4, and 50% from 6/3,1,2
down the internal capsule, (basil ganglia), medulla where 90% cross over, continues down to the lateral column,and then enters the ventral horn where it synapses with LMN, then leaves the ventral horn, exits spinal cord through the ventral root, spinal nerve, to periphreal nerve to muscle.
What area of the motor cortex is involved in learning something new?
area 6, premotor cortex
What part of the brain is involved in parallel processing?
Where does the cerebellum send info?
Cortex and brainstem
What part of the brain controls equilibrium, modulates ms tone, error detector, timing and coordination
What are the symptoms of cerebellar dys?
Ataxia, wide base gait
Intention tremor
NO paralysis
What nervous system disorder is associated with basil ganglia disorder?
Dopamine depletion in BG
Inhibition or reduction in movement
Resting tremor
What are symptoms associated with Basil Ganglia dysfunction?
Dyskinsea- involuntary movements
Resting tremor
Increased ms tone (ridgidity)