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what test do you do in young pt w/o strong risk factors and/or Fam Hx of stroke
cerebral angiogram
platelet count,
chem 20
what test do you do if there's anterior circulation stroke
carotid ultrasound (makes sense b/c the IC supplies the anterior circulation)
what test do you do for moderate-high grade carotid stenosis
-1st ultrasound
-then cerebral angiogram
what test do you do in all stroke pts
what test do you do if there are risk factors for cardiogenic stroke?
what test do you do to identify cardiac thrombi in the left atrium
transesopagheal echocardiogra
what test do you do in pts with A fib?
transesophageal echocardiogram
"worst H/A of my life" suggests
subarachnoid hemorrhage
what test do you do in subarachnoid hemorrhage
-1st do CT
-if CT does not show blood and subarachnoid hemorrhage is suspected, do lumbar puncture to exclude blood in CSF (makes sense b/c subarachoid area contains CSF, so if there's a subarachnoid hemorrhage, there will be blood in CNS)