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Borderline personality disorder
Cluster B (dramatic, emotional) personality disorder characterized in her case by recurrent suicide attempts and self-mutilating behavior; chronic empty feelings; intense anxiety, and irritability; and tendencies to idealize or devalue others, sometimes alternating between idealization and devaluing the same person.
Antisocial personality disorder
Cluster B personality disorder, is characterized by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest; lying, using aliases or conning; impulsivity; irritability and aggressiveness with fights or assaults; reckless disregard for others’ safety; irresponsibility with work or debts; lack of remorse; and indifference to others. . In his case, it is characterized by multiple robberies and burglaries, pimping; spouse-beating; repeated illegal behaviors with arrests and a prison term; lack of remorse; and childhood conduct disorder.
Avoidant personality disorder
Cluster C (anxious, fearful) personality disorder, is characterized by avoiding work requiring significant interpersonal contact, or entering relationships, for fear of being shamed, ridiculed, criticized or rejected; perceiving oneself as inept; and hesitating about becoming involved unless certain of being liked.
Dependent personality disorder
Cluster C disorder, is characterized by excessive reliance on others for advice, support and responsibility-taking; and energetically seeking others for this purpose.
Histrionic personality disorder
Cluster B, is characterized by seeking to be center of attention, and being seductive, suggestible and theatrical.
Paranoid personality disorder
Cluster A (odd, eccentric), is characterized by being excessively mistrustful of others, misinterpreting others’ behavior as slights or threats, bearing grudges and counterattacking.
Schizoid personality disorder
Cluster A, is characterized by being a loner with minimal interest in sex or friends, and having reduced emotional expressivity.
Schizotypal personality disorder
Cluster A (odd, eccentric) personality disorder characterized in his case by lack of close friends or confidantes, excessive social anxiety, odd beliefs including clairvoyance and witchcraft, visual illusions and reduced emotional expressivity (an example of mild emotional blunting).
Obsessive compulsive personality disorder
Cluster C (anxious, fearful) personality disorder characterized in her case by perfectionism, need to control, preoccupation with rules, excessive devotion to work and overconscientiousness, preoccupation with details and reluctance to delegate.
Narcissistic personality disorder
Cluster B (dramatic, emotional) personality disorder characterized in her case by her grandiose sense of self-importance; sense of entitlement; arrogance, haughtiness and exploitativeness.
core component of sex therapy
Not have intercourse with penile penetration until later in the treatment, to minimize performance anxiety. Sensual massage by the naked couple, and mutual masturbation to climax, will occur later in the treatment. Telling one’s partner what is a turn-off is unhelpful compared to telling one’s partner what is pleasurable. Sex therapy does not usually include talking about childhood experiences that influenced the partners’ sexuality.
Female arousal disorder
occurs when she does not become excited in anticipation of or during intercourse
Female orgasmic disorder
occurs when she cannot experience a climax (orgasm) when she wishes to.
Male erectile disorder
occurs when he has difficulty maintaining an erection sufficient for penetration.
The stop-start technique
following a series of gradually more stimulating exercises with reduction of performance anxiety, is the treatment of choice for premature ejaculation.
female orgasmic treatment
Sildenafil for her is not an established treatment. Sildenafil for him would facilitate his erections, but that is not the problem. (premature ejaculation)
His adult domestic partner should participate in the treatment, to facilitate and focus his sexual pleasure obtained with an adult partner. He should not be alone with any children, ever again. His route to work should by-pass locations like schools and playgrounds. Adult women (or men, if he is homosexual) should be objects of his sexual fantasy. He should not jeopardize children by testing his self control.
Depo-Provera), an anti-androgen agent that reduces sexual drive, could help him. masturbating more than 10 times / day.
) The main goal in his exposing his penis is to surprise or shock the women, and his pleasure occurs when the woman appears frightened or shocked. Most exhibitionists are not, and will not become, child molesters, rapists or serial killers. For obvious reasons, he would benefit considerably from social skills training. Covert sensitization scripts in which the woman does not respond to him are therapeutic.
characterized by involuntary contraction of her perineal muscles, resulting in discomfort and difficult penile penetration.
vaginismus treatment
Following a progression of gradually more stimulating exercises with reduction of performance anxiety, insertion of a series of progressively wider vaginal dilators is the treatment of choice.
male erectile dysfunction treatment
premature ejaculation treatment
stop-start technique