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All Confusion is not Dementia

T or F
delirium is the result of widespread alteration in cerebral metabolic activity, with secondary deregulation of neurotransmitter synthesis and metabolism
Delirium is due to...
a secondary cause. this is why it tends to occur acutely.
______ % of ppl with delirium Return to baseline (can take 6 months)
Delirium may serve as a marker for...
future cognitive decline
what is the main risk factor for delirium?
DSM IV criteria for delirium
Clouding of consciousness
cognitive change
Development over short period of time
Evidence of a GMC
Mini Mental Status Exam is a...
innacurate tool to screen for delirium
if asterixis (flapping hand movment is present) what can it pt to?
a metabolic problem. be sure to check urea and ammonia
Major Risk Factors for the Development of Delirium
Pre-existing Cognitive Decline
History brain trauma or seizure
Previous Delirium
Dehydration and Severe illness are also risk factors for delirium
Causes of Delirium: A Checklist
D- drugs
E- endocine
M- metabolic
E- epilepsy
N- neoplasm
T- trama
I- infection
A- apoplexy (vascular event)
Any drug can potentially cause confusion

T or F
Take a careful history of any new drug STARTED or any old drug STOPPED recently as there can be withdrawal and toxicity
is delirium a clinical diagnosis?
what is the significance of a positive UA in the elderly?
can be the cause of delirium
how can delirium appear on an EEG?
diffuse slowing of the background EEG.
Delirium Tremens is associated with...
alcohol withdrawal
how would an EEG look with Delirium Tremens
EEG would show fast activity
managment of someone with delirium
restraints, remove the offender,
Use a SINGLE medication rather than two, to decrease the potential for side effects/drug interactions.
Relatively contraindicated in Delirium from Hepatic Encephalopathy. drug?
Best reserved for Delirium 2o to alcohol. drug?
is delirium a medical emergency?