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all blood supply to the brain are supplied from....
aa. off internal carotid (anterior blood supply) and off vertebral a (posterior blood supply)
where does the AICA come off? what does it branch off of?
comes of basilar a. at pontomedullary jxn
at what level does the posterior cerebral a. enter the brain?
what connects the anterior and posterior blood supplies?
posterior comunicating a.
2 complications of aneurysms
compress brain tissue
rupture-> subarachnoid hemorrhage
what does the anterior cerebral a. supply? (ACA)
medial surface of the hemisphere
appears anterior to hypothal and moves around genu of corpus callosum; moves caudally along corpus callosum and overlaps with PCA near parietal-occipital fissure
aneurysm in the ACA might cause what deficit? why?
loss of somatosensory and motor in the contralateral leg; ACA supplies paracentral lobule
what does the PCA supply?
occipital lobe and inferior and medial regions of temporal lobe
aneurysm of the PCA might elicit what deficit?
loss of one visual cortex(contralateral)
stroke in L PCA -> loss of visual info from right side of each visual field (contralateral homonymous hemianopia)
what does the MCA supply?
lateral surface of hemisphere (portions of all lobes)
enters cortex thru sylvian fissure
aneurysm of MCA might cause what deficit?
loss of motor and somatosensory to contralateral face and arm
what are some important branches off the MCA? where do they run and what are some areas they supply?
lenticulostriate arteries; penetrate deep to supply basal ganglia and internal capsule
come off before MCA splits into superior and inferior divisions which supply laterally
what is the internal capsule?
large bundle of white fibers that are axons (UMN) funneling down from the motor cortex
which aa supplying the brain is most likely to undergo infarct or ischmic injury?
infarction of the left MCA superior division results in what deficit?
area: inferior frontal lobe
Broca's aphasia (language on L in 90% ppl)
also, weak faace, arm (upper motor neuron)
stroke in right MCA stem
area: R parietal lobe (spatial orientation)
left hemineglect
language fine
also lose contralateral motor (internal capsule)
what are watersheds? why are they of clinical importance?
regions between ACA and MCA and b/w MCA and PCA;
drops in BP affect these areas most since they are at the distal end of the vessels; decrease flow to watersheds
what would happen with loss of flow to the ACA- MCA watershed?
"man in the barrel"
TRUNK not supplied (between medial and lateral regions of homunculus)
what does the PICA supply?
medulla and cerebellum
common for strokes
AICA supply?
pons and cerebellum
superior cerebellar a supply?
midbrain and cerebellum
anterior spinal a supply?
ant (2/3) spinal cord and medial medulla
blood supply of spinal cord
anterior spinal a (1)
and posterior spinal aa. (2)-one on each side
what do the post spinal aa supply?
post 1/3
how does all venous blood drain from the brain?
internal jugular v.
what are 3 large vv that dump into the internal jugular v?
cavernous sinus, superior sagital sinus, great v of galen