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define synaptic plasticity
the ability of synapses to change their strength in response to experience and a cellular model of learning and memory
What is the function of the AMPA receptor
glutamatergic receptor for basal synaptic transmission
What is the function of the NMDA receptor
normally blocked by Mg2+, activated when cells are depolarized, allows calcium in
spatial memory necessary to complete a task like a water maze is a task dependent on which brain structure
Cued fear conditioning (new box w/ tone or old box no tone) is a taks dependent on
contextual fear conditioning (same box, no tone) is a task dependent on
how do cued and contextual fear conditioning differ
cued conditioning is dependent on the amygdala, contexual is dependent on both the hippocampus and the amygdala (hint: to recognize the fear in a broader context you need more brain power)
What is the function of CaMKII
responds to high Ca and high calmodulin, helps insert more AMPA receptors into the membrane, leads to long term potentiation
what is the function of Calcineurin
responds to low Ca and low calmodulin, removes AMPA receptors from the membrane, results in long term depression
what is the function of neurgranin (Ng)
Ng sequesters calmodulin and releases it in a calcium dependent mannor. When there is high calcium, Ng releases CaM so CaM can bind the Ca and the pair can activate CaMKII leading to LTP. When calcium is low, Ng binds calmodulin so calcineurin is active and LTD results
why is Ng an effective treatment for aging
Old people have low Ng so their CaM is stolen by other proteins. Giving Ng sequesters the CaM and makes it available to bind to calcium when the NMDA receptors are active. This allows for activation of CaMKII and continued insertion of more AMPA receptors into the postsynpathic membrane=more LTP