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What happens when you get lesions in the posterior parietal?
Associate Agnosia

can draw a pen but can not identify
What happens when you get a lesion in the occipital lobe?
Apperceptive agnosia

can describe what they see, but can not draw
What happens when you get a lesion in the prefrontal cortex?
Inability to suppress inapproriate behavior
What happens when you get a lesion in the right parietal cortex?
inability to recognize left "arm, leg, testicle..."
What happens in if you section the corpus callosum?
diifuclty in understanding written material ONLY in the left visual field

i. Right hemisphere not good at inerpreting material so usually transmit info to weirnekes area via corpus callosum
What happens with a left temporal cortex lesion?
difficulty to understand written materailassuming there is not visual pathway deficits

lesioned weinikes area
What area in the brain deals with heat dissipation?
Preotic area in anterior hypotalamus
What area in the brain deals with heat conservation?
Posterior hypothalamus
Where is leptin released and what does it do?
realeased from fat cells
stimulates catabolic acitivities in the arcurate nucleus
What are the stages of memory?
What does the arcuate nucleus control?
What does the Medial and Lateral preoptic nuclei involved in?
temperature regulation
What does the paraventricular nucleus control?
endocrine and autonomic processes
The two types of outputs in the hypothalamus?
1. Parvocellular-
medially, secrete hypotalamic reasling hormones like CRH
dorsally & ventally, project to medula and spinal cord for autonomic control

2. Magnocellular- Control endocrine function directly by releasing oxytocin and ADH into posterior pituitary
What if the ventral hypothalamus is lesioned?
chronic hyperthermic
What happens if the dorsal hypothalamus is lesioned?
patient becomes hypothermic
What will be secreted if a someone is exposed to a long term cold environment?
TRH, which will increase release of T4 thyroxine from the pituitary gland and will increase heat by increasing metabolism
What is the paraventricular nucleus?
catabolic nucleus; when stimulated, it decreases appetite and increases energy expenditure
What is the lateral hypothalamic nucleus?
anabolic nucleus; when stimulated it increases appetite and decreases energy expenditure
What heppens with a medial temporal area lesion?
Prospagnosia- patient can not recognize faces