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A record of how a network operates under normal conditions
a device that tests cables for one or more of the following conditions: continuity, segment length, distance to a fault, attenuation along a cable, near end cros talk, and termination resistance and impedance.
Cable tester
an instrument that tests whether voltage issued at one end of a cable can be detected at the opposite end of the cable.
continuity tester
Another term for the combination of devices known as a toner generator and a tone locator
fox and hound
A frame that is not actually a data frame, but rather an aberration caused by a device misinterpreting stray voltage on the wire.
A packet that exceeds the mediums maximum packet size
A device that handles electrical signals improperely, usually affecting the rest of the network.
a collision that takes place outside the normal window in which collisions are detected and redressed
late collision
A collision that occurs when two or more stations are transmitting simultaneously
local collision
A simple instrument that can measure multiple characteristics of an electric circuit, including its resistance and voltage.
a networking monitoring program that comes with windows server 2003
network monitor
a performance testing device for use with fiber optic networks.
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
a software package or hardware based tool that can capture and analyze data on a network
protocol analyzer
a packet that is smaller than a mediums minimum packet size
the process of determining optimal locations for access points on a wireless network
site selection
a tool that assesses the characteristics of wireless signals.
spectrum analyzer
A high end instrument for testing the qualities of a cable
Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)
A small electronic device that issues a signal on a wire pair
tone generator
A small electronic device that emits a tone when it detects electrical activity on a wire pair.
tone locator
a device used to measure voltage on an electrical circuit