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The process of determining the lower-layer address.
address resolution
The network-layer protocol standard for data link layer address resolution requests.
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
A network layer function used to identify devices.
URL, Assigned by network managers and placed in configuration files
application layer address
A network operated by an organization
autonomous systems
A type of dynamic addressing
Bootstrap Protocol (bootp)
A network-layer standard protocol used to exchange route information between routers using dynamic decentralized routing. Used only between different TCP/IP autonomous systems
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
Sends a message from one computer to all computers on the network.
broadcast message
Each packet is treated separately and makes its own way through the network. It is possible that different packets will take different routes through the network depending on the type of routing used and the amount of traffic.
connectionless messaging (routing)
Sets up a virtual circuit between the sender and receiver.
connection-oriented messaging (routing)