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What OSI second layer network device can connect dissimilar networks, such as Ethernet and Token Ring?

a. router
b. gateway
c. bridge
d. switch
e. hub
A bridge operates on the Data Link layer and can connect dissimilar networks.

router = directs packets from one network to another
gateway = either a special router or operates on multiple layers of the OSI model
switch = connects only similar types of media
hub = can only regenerate the same signal to ports on same type of network
Which IEEE subcommittee defines Token Rings?

a. 802.1
b. 802.2
c. 802.3
d. 802.4
e. 802.5
802.5 defines Token Rings.
What is the upper sub-layer of layer two of the OSI model?

a. media access control
b. logical link layer
c. physical layer
d. network layer
e. transport layer
The Logical Link Layer is the upper sub-layer of the OSI Data Link layer.
Which of the following is a correct example of a MAC address?

d. 5G:43:B2:41:34:E2
e. 2F:94:5B:2C:34:2E
2F:94:5B:2C:34:2E because it contains twelve properly formatted hexidecimal numbers.
(d is invalid because is not a exadecimal number)

a. 802.1
b. 802.2
c. 802.3
d. 802.4
e. 802.5

_____ Token Bus
_____ Internetworking
_____ Logical Link Control
_____ Token Rings
_____ Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection
802.4 = Token Bus
802.1 = Internetworking
802.2 = Logical Link Control
802.5 = Token Rings
802.3 = Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection
Device that operates on the Data Link layer of the OSI model and extends a network to make two separate segments appear as if they are one.
True or False
Different media communications, such as Ethernet and Token Ring, can be connected using a bridge.
Name the organization that determines specifications on many types of electrical systems.
(Institure of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Name the 12-digit hexadecimal number that defines a network node on the Data Link layer of the OSI model.
MAC address
(Media Access Control)
What are the two sublayers of the Data Link layer?
Logical Link Control (LLC)sublayer

Media Access Control (MAC)sublayer
Which Data Link sublayer sublayer multiplexes protocols running atop the data link layer, and optionally provides flow control, acknowledgment, and error recovery?
LLC sublayer
(Logical Link Control)
Which protocol can be used with all of the IEEE 802 MAC layers, such as Ethernet, token ring, IEEE 802.11, etc., as well as with some non-802 MAC layers such as FDDI?