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When isolating a problem, consider the three major
areas we discussed earlier-the user, the software, and
the hardware, usually in that order
user, the software, and
the hardware, usually in that order
to check any breaks on the
cable and the diagnostics that come with the interface
time domain reflectometer (TDR)
A diagnostic program tests
computer hardware and peripheral devices for correct
poweron self tests
The PC tests are stored
read-only memory (ROM)
is a product that can be used to monitor the activity of a
network and the stations on it, and to provide daily
summaries or long-term trends of network usage and
network analyzer
is the simultaneous presence of signals from two nodes on the network
data collision
To detect for a collision
nodes check the dc voltage
on the line.
A hardware signal sent from a potential transmitter to a destination to indicate that the transmitter wishes to begin a transmission. If the
receiver is ready, it sends a CTS signal in return.
RTS (ready to send)
A hardware signal sent from a receiver to a transmitter to indicate that the transmitter can begin sending.
CTS (clear to send)
used to test network components.
This equipment includes voltmeters, ammeters, volt-ohmmilliammeters, and line scanners.
voltage increases that last for just a short period, usually for only a few milliseconds.
Impulse noise
random background noise.
White noise
interference on one wire from
is the ratio between the signal and noise levels at a given point, usually at the receiving end of the transmission.
signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
digital signals have a much what SNR than analog signals.
are responsible for cleaning and boosting a signal before
passing it on.
tries to minimize the effects of distortion related to signal amplitude and distortion due to envelope delay.
C conditioning
tries to minimize the effects of harmonic distortion in addition to the amplitude
and envelope delay distortions handled by type C
D conditioning
it is used to extend the
transmission range between devices that are connected
directly to each other.
line driver
can determine the distance the signal traveled and whether there are any shorts or opens in the cable.
is a connector that uses two prongs to pierce the cable to make its connection. When
it is used, one of the prongs can be bent and not
make a proper connection.
vampire tap
is the same type of connector
used to plug your telephone into the wall. When it is used, the plastic clip has a tendency to break off the connector, resulting in the plug not locking in place.
RJ connector