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What is a network?
A group of computers that can communicate with each other, share resources (such as hard disks and printers), and access remote hosts or other networks.
What are the 5 basic hardware components of a network?
1. One or more servers
2. Workstations
3. Peripheral devices (printers, scanners, etc)
4. Network Interface boards (nics)
5. Communication media
What do network boards do?
Connect servers to workstations through the communication medium (cable)
What is a workstation?
Standalone computer that does its own processing and can manage its own software and data files. It is where most computer users perform their daily work.
What does a server provide?
Network resources and services to workstations and other clients. It runs the NetWare operating system.
What is a client?
A device, such as a pc, printer, or another server, that requests services or resources from a server.