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A Router operates in which layer of the OSI model?
The Network Layer
What does the Network Time Protocol (NTP) do?
Synchronizes computer clock times in a network of computers
L2TP is able to support which of the following protocols?
3. IPX
What are disadvantages of DSL connections?
It is slower than cable technology, Only available near the telephone company's central offices, May not be available to some users with older phone lines
Which of the following devices operate at the Data Link layer of the OSI model?
NIC Bridge
Which Windows 2000/2003 service provides NAT, dial-up, routing, and other network functions?
By default, which of the following ports does the Hypertext Transfer Protocol communicate on?
Which of the following protocols is used to create a VPN?
Which frame type is used on a Token Ring LAN?
Which layer of the OSI model does data encryption take place in?
You would like to provide redundancy for your DNS server. How do you accomplish this.
Set up a secondary
Which of the following are sublayers of the data-link layer of the OSI model
Which of the following should be considered when determining which subnet mask to use on a network?
The class of the IP address,
Projected growth of the network, The number of hosts that will be on the network
The ARP utility will provide you with which of the following types of information?
Internet Address
2. Physical Address
3. Type
Your company wishes to set up a VPN between 2 branch offices and requires that the link supports non-IP protocols and authentication. Which protocols are required?
Which of the following technologies would most like be used to synchronize your PDA with your PC located in another room?
Which of the following tools is sometimes referred to as the fox-and-hound?
Tone Locator
The 100BASE-FX link uses the MDI interface. What does MDI stand for?
medium dependent interface
Which of the following are valid reasons for implementing DHCP?
Prevents duplicate IP addresses on the network
2. Prevents typos or incorrect IP address, subnet mask or default gateway information from being entered
3. Saves time on large networks by getting rid of the need to configure every clients' IP information manually
4. Helps keep addresses available on networks where IP addresses are running short
Which of the following devices operate at the Data Link layer of the OSI model?
3. Bridge
What are the two parts of an IP address?
Network ID & Host ID
Class A
Supports Large networks and uses the first octet of the address to identify the network. First bit is always 0
Class B
Moderate networks, uses the first two octets to identify the network.
First two bits are always 10
Class C
Small networks, uses the first three octets to identify the network, first three bits are always 110
What are examples of "reserved" addresses
Network address & local broadcast & directed broadcast address
How are IPv6 internet addresses represented?
eight sets of four hexidecimal digits
What are the three types of broadcasts for IPv6
Unicast, Multicast & anycast
What is the data rate for a token ring network?
What kind of physical interface does a router have
A server redirector is handled by which level of the OSI model?
Which port is used by DNS
What is the max lenght of a FDDI packet?
36000 bits
What is ICA used for?
allows an application to be run on a remote computer but appear as if it running locally
What best describes share level access?
Used to specify password protection for each user
which port is used by secure websites?
Which topolgy is easiest to expand?
LLC regulates how much data can be transmitted in a certain amount of time
csma/cd for ethernet, 10 mbps bus
& star
Wireless 16mbps uses CSMA/CA
100 mbps physical topology star logical topology bus
4 & 16 Mbps, uses token passing method
100Mbps, dual ring, fiber, token passing
What type of cable is often used for cable TV & cable modems
Cat 6
Cat 7
1000 Mbps
used to create larger natworks by joining two network segments
used to divide larger networks into smaller sections
Cat 5 UTP, 100 meters, RJ-45, physical star
cat 3, 4,5 UTP, 100 meters, RJ-45, physical star
Multimode/single-mode fiber-optic cable, 412/multimode fiber-optic 10,000/single mode fiber-optic, SC, ST physical star
Multi-mode/single mode fiber 550/multimode 5000/ single mode
Multimode, 550 meters using 50 Micron multimode fiber
STP 25 meters, 9-pin shielded connector, 8 pin fiber channel type 2 connector
UTP 75 meters, RJ-45
Baseband, 10000Mbps, fiber
Baseband, 10000Mbps, 10,000m, single mode
Baseband, 10000 Mbps, single mode
In a crossover cable which wires are crossed?
1&3, 2&6
What distance vector and link state is associated with TCP/IP?
What distance vector and link state is associated with IPX/SPX?
What command would you use to obtain a MAC address on a win 95/98/ME machine?
What command would you use to obtain a MAC address on a Linux/Unix box
ipconfig -a
What command would you use to obtain a MAC address on a novell system?
What command would you use to obtain a MAC address for a Cisco Router?
sh int <interface name>
What does the physical layer define?
hardware, topology and voltage
What is the data link layer responsible for?
Getting the data to the physical layer so that it can be transmitted over the network. Error detection, hardware addressing.
What are the two sublayers of the data link layer?
MAC layer, LLC layer
What is the LLC layer of the data link layer responsible for?
error checking & flow control mechanisms
What is the primary responsibility for the network layer?
What is the transport layer responsible for ?
error checking, service addressing, segmentation
What is the Session layer responsible for?
synchronization of data between applications on two devices
What does the presentation layer do?
convert the data intended for or received from the application layer into another format.
What does Appleshare do?
provides application layer services including file and print services.
What does appleTalk address Resolution Protocol do/
map AppleTalk addresses to ethernet and token ring physical addresses
What does AppleTalk Data Stream protocol do?
a session layer protocol used to establish connections between network devices
What does AppleTalk filing protocol?
manages file sharing
What does AppleTalk Session Protocol do?
works on the session layer and establishes/releases connections between networked devices
AppleTalk Transaction Protocol
establishes a connectionless session between networked systems
Datagram Delivery Protocol (AppleTalk)
Performs datagram delivery and routing functions
EtherTalk Link Access Protocol
a variation of the appletalk protocol that is compatible with the eithernet protocol
Name binding protocol (AppleTalk)
used to map computer names host names to network layer addresses
Printer Access Protocol
session layer protocol used to provide printing service
Routing Table Maintenance Protocol
maintains the routing tables
TokenTalk Link access Protocol
variation on appletalk that is compatible with token ring
Zone information protocol
used to divee network devices into logical groups called zones
Identify the network/node address for the following IP & subnet:
Network Address: 192
Node Address: 168.10.100
Identify the network/node address for the following IP & subnet:
Network address: 192.168
Node Address: 10.100
Identify the network/node address for the following IP & subnet:
Network address 192.168.10
Node address: 100
what is the IP range for a class A address?
What is the IP range for a class b network?
128 - 191
What is the IP range for a class C network
What is the IP Range for a class D network
what is the Ip Range for a class E network
what is the default subnet mask for a class a network
What is the default subnet mask for a class B network
What is the default subnet mask for a class C network?
What is the private address range for a class A network?
What is the private address range for a Class B network
What is the private address range for a Class C network
What is APIPA?
Automatic Private IP addressing, assigns an ip address if unable to obtain one and allows limited connectivity to local network.
Is IP connection oriented or connection-less?
connection less
Is TCP connection oriented or connection-less?
What is the biggest difference between TFTP and FTP?
TFTP is connection-less and uses only UDP
What is SSH?
Secure Shell is a secure alternative to Telnet
What is ICMP?
works with IP to provide error checking and reporting functionality. has the ping utility
What is the function of ARP?
resolve IP addresses to MAC addresses or layer 2
What is NTP
NTP uses the TCP transport protocol and is the protocol that facilitates the ocmmunication of time information between systems
What is NNTP
Network news transport protocol used for accessing the downloading messages from internet-based newsgroups
What is SCP
Secure Copy Protocol that uses SSH to provide a safe way to copy files between systems
What is LDAP?
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, provides a mechanism to access directory service systems
What is IGMP?
Internet group managment protocol used for communication between devices in a multi-cast group
What is the LPR?
Line Printer Remote provides a mechanism to send printing tasks to a print server
Port 20
Port 21
Port 22
Port 23
Port 25
Port 23
Port 69
Port 80
Port 110
Port 119
Port 123
Port 143
Port 443
What are messages sent by SNMP agents to an SNMP management system
trap messages
What are the three requirments of Zeroconf
a capability to self-assign IP address, a capability to independently resolve hostnames, mechanism for independently locating services on a network
What is SMB
the default file access and sharing protocol for windows based systems
At what speed can t1 transmit?
At what speed can t2 transmit?
Why is SLIP so dangerous?
Because it sends everything in clear text.
What port does PPTP use on the server?
What does L2TP do?
it is an independent protcol tht supports secure tunneling & supports common public key infrastructure
What is CHAP?
CHAP is an authentication system that uses MD5 encryption shceme to secure authentication responses.
What is MS-CHAP?
developed to authenticate remote Windows based workstations, requires authentication of both server & client.
What is PAP?
the least secure of the authentication methods because it uses unecrypted passwords
What is EAP?
an extension made to standard PPP.
What is SPAP?
an ecrypting authentication protocol used by Shiva remote acces servers
What OS is associated with HFS?
Apple OS X
What is the native authentication protcol for micorsoft active directory?
What is CSNW
Client services for NetWare, designed to enable Windows client systems to access file and print services on a Netware server
What is GSNW?
Gateway Services for NetWare used on win 2000 systems toallow client systems to access resources on Netware clients
Which switch on the ping command will ping a device until stopped?
which ping switch will resolve hostnames
What is the function of ARP utility
to resolve IP addresses to Layer 2 or Mac Addresses.
What are the benefits of Network Address Translation (NAT)?
Conserves global IP Addresses, Provides a more secure connection to the internet, Allows multiple computers on the same LAN to connect to another network (internet) simultaneously
An ISDN adapter is able to connect to a workstation using which of the following interfaces?
A Serial Port
An Expansion Slot
A Parallel Port
The 100base-TX standard defines how many types of repeaters?
Auto-Negotiation on Ethernet takes place using FLP signals. What does FLP stand for?
Fast Link Pulse
Which of the following are features of the TCP protocol?
Assures reliable delivery, Is connection oriented. Uses sockets and ports to exchange data between applications
Frame Relay is able to provide a maximum transmission rate of which of the following?
45 Mbps
The FDDI interface operates under which of the 802.x standards?
T3 is the equivalent of how many T1 carrier lines?
IPX/SPX is an implementation of which layers of the OSI model?
Transport Network
You need to create a reverse lookup zone on your DNS server for your network of What would be the appropriate zone name? arpa
The 100BASE-TX media system is based on which published physical specifications?
At which levels of the OSI model does a wireless access point operate?
2. Data link
What does UDP and TCP have in common
they both rely on port addresses
On a TCP/IP network what specifies to an application where a data packet will be sent?
ATMs usually run at which speed?
155Mbps 266Mbps
Which servers support TCP/IP natively?
NetWare 5.1, Solaris Unix, Windows NT 4.0
You have a network with both Novell Netware and windows server what would you implement to allow users to access resources on both.
Novell Client for Windows
What port would you use to attach a NAS server?
Port 23
The FDDI interface operates under which of the 802.x standards?
Which of the following technologies provides 672 64Kbps voice or data channels?
What is the maximum speed of a 802.11g network connection?
An ISDN adapter is able to connect to a workstation using which of the following interfaces?
A Serial Port
2. An Expansion Slot
3. A Parallel Port
Which of the following is a connection oriented protocol?
The UNIX security method is based on which of the following?
You wish to associate more than one host name with a particular IP address in your DNS database. Which type of record should you add for the second host name?
At which levels of the OSI model does a wireless access point operate?
2. Data link
Which protocol is responsible for obtaining hardware addresses during broadcasts?
The 100BASE-FX media system is designed to allow segments of up to how many kilometers meters in length?
Why is there a limit to the number of MAUs that can be connected together in a standard Token-ring network?
Too many devices connected through MAUs requires more time to get control of the token that communications becomes unacceptable
How many devices can communicate simultaneously within a Token-ring LAN?
What are the two methods switching hubs use to transport data between devices?
Cut-through Store-and-forward
What protocol does not use UDP or TCP?
What two protocols could be used to create a VLAN on a Cisco router?
ISL, 802.1q
What protocol is used to control security to ports?
What port does IMAP4 use?
You want to connect a remote building at GB speeds that is two hundred meteres away. What type of cable would you use?