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What helps maintain the polarization in a resting neuron???
sodium/potassium pump
Is acetylcholine an excitatory or inhibitory transmitter???
What causes un undershoot when the action potential passes along the membrane??
K+ ions continue to pass across the membrane until it is hyperpolarized
What two factors effect degree of stimuli???
-number of neurons that fire

-frequency of the firing
what are the three things every neural circuit must have ???
what is meant self-propogating?
once started an action potential will move donw the entire axon until it reaches the endplates.
what is the usual net charge of a resting axon membrane??
-70 mV
how long does it usually take for an axon membrane to re-establish its gradient????
1-10 ms
A synapse usually connects (two/many) neurons
what ion rushes leaks out of the neuron in repolarization???