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What is Summation?
The sum effect of all neurotransmitters action on a neuron.
What are the three types of neurons?
1 Sensory
2 Interneurons/association
3 Motor
Where is the neurilemma not found?
In the grey-matter
Does a reflex arc work with brain coordination?
What ion rushes into a membrane during depolarization?
Na+ or Sodium
What is Threshold Stimuli?
Minimum level of stimulus required to start an action potential.
What is the "All or none theory"?
The neuron either responds fully (threshold was reached) or not at all.
What Must all pathways include?
1 reception
2 Transmisiion
3 Processing
What is Undershoot?
When K+ continues to leave until the membrane is just beyond resting state.
Define a Synapse.
The space between a neurons axon and it's target.