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What are the two nervous systems?
Central nervous system and Peripherial nervous system.
What does the central nervous system do?
Coordinates and processes the neve impulses.
What are the two different nerves in the peripherial nervous system?
Autonomic nerves and somatic nerves.
What is the function of the autonomic nerves in the peripherial nervous system?
Controls internal organs, muscles and glands.
What is the function of the somatic nerves in the peripherial nervous system?
Controls the skeletal muscles, bones and skin.
What is a dendrite?
Projections of impulses that always move towards the cell body.
What is the charge during resting state?
Negative. ex]-70mv
What is a synapse?
A space between a neuron's axon and its target.
What is acetylcholine?
Excitatory to vertabrates and skeletal muscle. In the PNS.
What is summnation?
The sum effect of all neurotransmitters acting on a neuron.