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what is synapse
space between a neurons axon and its target. also called synaptic cleft
what are the 3 structures of neurons
sensory, motor, and interneuron
the impulse travels from the _________ to the ___ ______??
dendrites to end plates
a mylin sheath is??
formed by the schwann cells and insulates the axons. this speeds up the transmission but is found only the PNS
all pathways must include three things???
reception, transmission, and processing,
what is the all or none theory??
the nueron either responds fully or not at all
CNS stands for???
central nervous system
what happens in the depolarizing phase??
neuron is stimulated enough to cause Na+ gates to open causes an in-rush of Na+.
summation is?
the sum effect of all neurontransmitters acting on an neuron.
why does the brain react so much slower when u get hurt(ex: u say ouch after u pull away??)
the reflex arc sends the message to your spinal cord and back to your arm before it is sent to your brain to say ouch.