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CNS (Centreal Nervous system)
brain, spinal cord
PNS (peripheral nervous system)
Functions of nevous system
1.Produces consciousness
2.Rapid communication system responsible for sensory reception and coordination and control of body functions (detects changes in the internal and external environments, evaluates the information, and then possibly sends impulses out to the muscles and glands).
Nerve cell
Types of Neuron
Sensory-transmits impulses from periphery to CNS
Motor- transmits impulses from CNS to muscle and glands
Interneuron- a relay neuron located soley within the CNS
Axon (part of neuron)
a.Rope-like structure
b.Vary from neuron to neuron in terms of length: could be a few millimeters or up to a whole meter
c.Vary from neuron to neuron in terms of diameter; larger the diameter, the faster impulses travel through the axon
Axon terminals (part of neuron)
a.Filaments that emanate at end of an axon
b.In motor neuron, they attach to muscles or glands
c.In sensory neuron, they attach to interneuron within CNS
1.Consists of bundles of sensory and motor axons
2.Allows for two-way communication within each nerve
(nerves) reflex arc
fast, automatic reaction to a stimulus that takes place without thought; (touching and pulling way from a hot stove); sensory and motor impulses travel within the same nerve
(nerves) 31 spinal nerves come off of spinal cord
a.Labeled by vertebral level:
i.8 cervical
ii.12 thoracic
iii.5 lumbar
iv.5 sacral
v.1 coccygeal
sciatic nerve
i.Largest nerve in body both in terms of length and diameter
ii.Runs from hip area down whole leg
iii.Technically not a spinal nerve; emanates from sacral plexus
i.Each spinal nerve services a specific skin surface area
ii. body is mapped out
(dermatome) reasons why body is maped out
1.Pinprick a skin area to erect nerve abnormalities
2.Inject an anesthetic into a specific spinal nerve to anesthesize a specific area of the body
i.Viral infection of a spinal nerve
ii.Results is red splotches on dermatome of affected spinal nerve
iii.It is a delayed reaction to chicken pox