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Neurons can be classified into 3 different types. What are the three types of neurons?
Sensory, Interneuron, and Motor.
What is the simplest neural pathway?
The Reflex Arc.
What is the All-or-None Theroy?
The Neuron either responds fully (the throshold was reached) or not at all.
Inside of the neuron, what is the charge of the ions and what ion is it?
Negitive and Soduim.
What is a Synapse?
A Synapse is the gap between a neuron's ason and its target. Also called a Synaptic Cleff.
What is a Presynapitc Neuron and a Postsynaptic Neuron?
Presynaptic Neuron is before the cleff (gap) and a Postsynaptic Neuron is after the cleff (gap)
During and Action Potential, what ion is entering and what ion is it?
Inrush of Sodium.
What is Acetylcholine?
Acetylcholine is a transmitter chemical released from vesicles in the endplate of a neuron.
What is Cholinesterase?
An enzyme released from vesicles in the end plate of neurons shortly after Acetylcholine.
What is Repolarization?
A process in which the original polarity of the nerve membrane is restored.