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nervines definition
healing effect on nervous system
pain elevator
chronic stress
nervous headaches
pain from approaching gangrene?
diffusive stimulants used both internally and externall
blue cohosh
when are antispasmodics indicate
in muscular irritability, contractions and spasms, convulsions etc
scullcap -scutellaria lateriflora
finest nervines and antispasmodics- used in nerve troubles, insomnia, hysteria, chorea, delirium tremens, epilepsy, nervous headache, neuralgias etc DO NOT BOIL
restlessness in scarlet fever, measles etc
valerian - one liter of boiling water on 1 oz of the Valerian root, cover till cold -for children give small doses twice or 3 times a day
after giving patient Ladies Slipper and Lobellia good herb to follow up with is?
Scullcap given freely
almost a specific herb for chorea
Mistletoe - used as decoction
1 oz Mistletoe to a liter of water, give one teaspoon to three tablespoon every 1, 2 or 3 hours according to age
fine relaxant to the ovaries?
Cramp Bark or High Cranberry
uses of Hopes
insomnia, nervous troubles, delirium, liver trouble and jaundice, worms, sexual disfunction, neuralgia, poultice and fomentation in inflammation, rheumatism, boils
black cohosh a good base for a cough syrup or an alterative compound?
it manifest a fine influence on the secernents , the liver, kidneys and lymphatics
it is good antispasmodic and alterative
no toxicity