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What is the nerve of the anterior compartment of the arm(Biceps,coraco,brachialis)?
Musculocutaneous nerve
Does the musculocutaneous nerve pierce the coracbrachialis?
What gives rise to the lateral cord?
Anterior divisions of the upper and middle trunk.
What gives the medial cord?
Anterior division of INFerior trunk.
What do the lateral and medial cord supply?
Flexor muscles and skin.
All 3 posterior divisions unite to form
Posterior cord.
The cords are named according to
Position wrt to Axillary artery.
What are the 3 trunks?
All have both ant. and post. divisions.
The trunks come from the
What do ant. division fibres always supply?
Flexor muscles and skin overlying.
What do post. division fibres supply?
Extensor muscles and skin overlying.
From which rami is the nerve supply to limbs?
What is a prefixed brachial plexus?
C4 included.(T2 included if postfixed)
Roots---> trunks--->ant./post. divisions--->Cords
What nerves do the posterior cord give?
-Axillary nerve
-Radial nerve
What muscles does the axillary nerve supply?
-Teres minor
Radial nerve supplies every other extensor in arms and forearms.
Ulnar and median nerve supply flexor compartment of upper limb.
From which cord does the ulnar nerve arise?
Median cord.
Median nerve is made up of
-Lateral root from lateral cord
-Medial root from medial cord
Roots and trunks are
Where do the divisions happen?
Behind clavicle.
Are the cords and terminal branches supra or infra clavicular?
What is the orientation of brachial artery in the arm?
-Ulnar nerve is medial to it.
-Musculocutaneous n. is lateral.
From which cord does the Musculocutaneous n. arise?
Lateral cord(Upper and middle trunk)
What are the roots of the musculocutaneous n. ?
Which muscle does the M.C n. pierce and give its orientation.
Coracobrachialis.It descends into the ant. compartment of arm between biceps and brachialis.
What happens to M.C n. at the tendon of the biceps at the elbow?
M.C nerve becomes the lateral cutaneous n. of the forearm.
The Ulnar nerve is a branch of which cord?
Medial cord.(Ant. divisions of middle trunk)
What are the roots of the ulnar nerve?
Ulnar nerve starts medial to brachial artery.
What happens to ulnar nerve halfway down?
Pierces IM septum and becomes POSTERIOR.
Ulnar nerve passes behind which epicondyle?
Medial epicondyle.
What happens to Ulnar n. when it enters forearm?
It hooks under cover of flexor carpi ulnari and Flexor Digitorum Profundum.
What is the cutaneous supply of ulnar nerve?
Medial 1 1/2 fingers Anteriorly and Posteriorly.
How does the ulnar nerve enter the palm of hand?
Superficial to Flexor retinaculum.
Which muscles in the forearm does the Ulnar nerve supply?
-Flex. carpi ulnaris
-Medial 1/2 of FDP it is sitting on.
What muscles of the hands does the ulnar n. supply?
Supplies everything that median n. doesnt supply in palm of hand.
What are the roots from which median n. is derived?
Which cord(s) is the median nerve derived from?
Medial and lateral cords.
What is the course of the median nerve in the forearm?
Starts ANT./LAT. to brachial artery---> crosses brachial artery----> ends on MEDIAL side.
Under the fibrous arch of which muscle is the median n. tucked under?
Flex. Digitorum Superficialis.
Between which 2 muscles does the median n. run through?
F.D.superficialis and F.D. profundus
How does the median n. enter the hands?
It goes through Carpal tunnel and beneath Flex. retinaculum into palm of hand.
Median nerve supplies the arms.
Median n. supplies all flexors in forearm.
False.Doesnt supply F.C.U and 1/2 of F.D.P
Median n. supplies muscles that move the thumb.
True-lateral lumbricals and thenar muscles.
Median nerve has a limited supply to palm of hands.
True:- supplies lateral 2 lumbricals & 3 1/2 other fingers that ulnar n. doesnt supply.
From lateral to medial,
Biceps Tendon--->Brachial artery--->Median nerve
Where does the post. cord lie wrt to the axillary artery?
Behind artery
What does the axillary n. supply?
Area of skin over deltoid.
What are the roots of axillary n. ?
Into which muscle does the axillary n. sink into?
Deltoid.(then sends 1 branch to teres minor)
When is axillary nerve endangered?
Inferior dislocation of shoulder.
Posteriorly, axillary nerve exits above the radial nerve.
Which nerve supplies every EXTENSOR muscles in the upper limb?
Radial n.
What are the roots of the radial n.?
Radial n. exits axilla by passing beneath which teres muscle?
Teres major.
Radial n. spirals across posterior shaft of humerus from
Medial to lateral.
Which artery does the radial n. ride with in the arm?
Profunda Brachia artery.
What happens when radial nerve enters forearm?
It tucks in under cover of brachioradialis and runs down radial side of EXT. compartment of forearm.
Which nerve supply all muscles in posterior compartment of forearm?
Posterior Interosseous nerve(from radial n.)
Radial n.(with post. interosseous n) supplies
All 12 EXTENSOR muscles in forearm and TRICEPS.
What are the nerve supplies of the skin of arm(down lateral side of arm)?
A-axillary nerve(upper lateral cutaneous)
R-radial nerve
M-musculocutaneous nerve(lateral side of arm)
What is the nerve supply of the medial side of the arm?
Post. cutaneous n. of arm
What is a myotome?
Muscle groups supplied by ventral ramus of spinal nerve(specific spinal nerve segment)
Lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm is a branch of
Musculocutaneous n. of forearm(C6)
Pronation of hands is
Supination of hands is