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This nerve adducts the thumb
Ulnar nerve
Fracture of surgical neck of humerus
injures axillary N and may lacerate posterior circumflex artery
Fracture of midshaft humerus
radial N injury; profunda brachii artery
supracondylar fracture
median n injury; triceps and brachialis - may shorten arm
medial epicondyle fracture
ulnar N injury
Golfer's elbow
medial epiconylitis = inflmn of common flexor tendon
Tennis elbow
lateral epicondylitis = inflmn of common extensor tendon
Colles' fracture
radius is displaced posteriorly -> "dinner fork hand"; avulsion of styloid process
(Colles' fracture and vertebral wedge fracture ass'd w/ type II osteoperosis
lunate bone
most commonly DISPLACED carpal-goes into carpal tunnel
Scaphoid bone
most commonly FRACTURED carpal - pain over snuff box; avascular necrosis
Median nerve
Anterior Division
Lateral and Medial Cords join
3 thenar muscles and most of ant forearm
(**injury may --> medial deviation of the wrist w/ flexion d/t unopposed action of ulnar nerve on flexors)
Carpal Tunnel Sxme
(name 4 sx)
Median N stuck between flexor tendons and flexor retinaculum
*numb/pain over palmar thumb-middle fingers
*weakness of thenars - no opposition "ape hand"
*weakness of lateral lumbricals -> clawing of index and middle fingers
*pain w/ wrist flexion - worse at night
"Hand of Benediction"
compression of median n between 2 heads of pronator teres
Can't make an "O" w/ thumb and fingers
median nerve compression in cubital fossa (also called Anterior Interosseus N here)
loss of sensation over lateral palm and thumb and radial 2 1/2 fingers
median N
loss of forearm pronation, wrist flexion, finger flexion, and several thumb movements; eventually thenar atrophy
median nerve
Ulnar Nerve
C8, T1 - anterior division - median cord
flexor carpi ulnaris and flexor digitorum profundus
*passes between hook of hamate and pisiform bone in Guyon's canal
*passes between 2 heads of flexor carpi ulnaris
Claw Hand
Ulnar n (medial 2 lumbricals)
*occurs in children w/ epiphyseal separation of medial epicondyle of humerus
*weak finger adduction; medial hand numbness; dysfn of 4th and 5th digit flexion
Can't hold paper between thumb and index or between adjacent fingers
Ulner nerve (interosseus adductor pollicis)
loss of adduction and impaired adduction of thumb and ulnar 2 fingers
ulnar n
impaired wrist flexion and adduction w/ impaired addution of thumb
ulnar n
loss of adduction and extension of thumb
ulnar n
loss of sensation of medial palm and pinky and 1/2 ring finger
ulnar N
Musculocutaneous N
C5,6,7 - Ant Div - Lat cord
-coracobrachialis, biceps, brachialis
-lesions are uncommon - may be compressed by coracobrach (passes through it) -> weak flexion and supination
-sensation of lateral forearm
Lesion of ulnar n d/t fractured hook of hamate
claw hand
lesion of ulnar n d/t fracture at medial epicondyle or clavicle
radial deviation; weak flexion fingers and wrist; altered sensation of medial 1 1/2 fingers and hypothenar
Axillary Nerve
C5, C6 - posterior division
(Deltoid, teres minor)
*runs in quadrangular space around surgical neck of humerus
lesion of axillary nerve
weakness in abduction and deltiod atrophy -> loss of rounded contour
surgical neck of humerus
axillary n
Radial N
all nerve roots of brachial plexus
Posterior division - triceps, brachioradialis, extensor radialis, supinator and extensors
wrist drop
radial n
Spiral fracture of midshaft humerus
radial n
Injury d/t stretch of arm (hanging from tree)
Nerve roots C8 and T1 are injured
innervation of intrinsic muscles of hand is impaired
Subluxation of head of radius
radial n
dec wrist extension (sensation intact)
anterior dislocation of lunate
median n
atrophied thenar muscles
parasthesia of lateral digits (palmar surface)
Erb-Duchenne Palsy
"waiter's tip"
C5 and C6
trauma during delivery
-limb hangs by side (paralysis of abductors), medially rotated (paralysis of lateral rotators), forearm is pronated (loss of biceps)
Thoracic Duct Outlet Sxme
1. atrophy of the thenar and hypothenar eminences (C8)
2. Atrophy of the interosseous muscles (C8)
3. Sensory deficits on the medial side of forearm and hand (C8, T1)
4. No radial pulse when head looks the other way (impingement on subclavian)
Thoracic Duct Outlet Sxme
embryologic defect - cervical rib (compresses on subclavian and inferior trunk C8/T1 -> claw hand)
may also be d/t pancoast tumor
Biceps reflex nerve root
Triceps reflex nerve root
Patella reflex nerve root
Achilles reflex nerve root
Crutch Injury
Radial nerve
-ill-fitted crutches compress posterior cord
Opponens pollicis
median n
adductor pollicis
ulnar n
Sensation for lower part of thumb on dorsal side
radial n
flexor digitorum superficialis
median n
Biceps/flexion at elbow
Wasting of thenar eminance
median n
Wasting of hypothenar eminance
ulnar n
Wasting of dorsal interosseus muscles
ulnar n
Anterior Interosseus N
branch of median n that innervates deep anterior forearm muscles
wrist drop, loss of extension of thumb, inability to make a tight fist - supination intact!
radial nerve injury