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Types of Psalms
Hymn, complaints of the people, complaints of the individual, thanksgiving, wisdom, and royal
Parts of Hymn Psalms
Call to worship, body (reason for praise, description of God's acts or attributes), conclusion- renewed call for praise
Parts of Lament Psalms
Cry for help, Description of complaints, confession of trust, petition for rescue, appeal to God's name or covenant, vow of praise
Gunkel's Form Criticism
1. Group literature by form or type
2. Define each genre by formal elements
3. Discover Sitz-im-Leben
4. Understand the intention
Special Hymns
victory, processional, Zion, enthronment
Parts of Thanksgiving Psalm
1. Proclamation of love and praise
2. Introductory Summary
3. Recollection of Time of Need
4. Report of petition and rescue
5. renewal of vow of praise
6. expression of praise (mini-hymn)
What is wisdom?
The art of succeeding in life; practical knowlegde
Cannonical wisdom writings
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Job, misc- psalms and prophets
Apocryphal wisdom writings
Ecclesiasticus (wisdom of Sirach), Wisdom of Solomon
King Hadad of Edom
revolt against Solomon
King Rezon of Damascus
led a revolt against Solomon
head of Corvee, revolts against Solomon, first king of Israel, sets up rival cult centers in Dan and Betherl with 2 golden calfs
prophet, tears up garment into 12 pieces and gives 10 to Jeroboam, 1 to Rehoboam, later rejects Jeroboam for building the golden calfs
Solomon's son, King of Judah, goes to schechem for north's approval and he refuses to lighten their load- they secede
prophet, tells Rehoboam not to take back the north by force
Role of the prophet
give knowlegde, appoint kings, criticize or reject kings, counsel about war
Canaanite cult objects
Pharoah Shishak (Sheshonk I)
devatates Judah during Rehoboam's time
rules Israel for 7 days, burns house down on himself
King of Israel, buys hill of Samaria from Shemer (=> sumeria), uses marriage diplomacy to bring peace, focuses efforts on Gilead- east of Jerusalem, wicked kings
wicked king of Israel, married to Jezebel, political and spiritual troubles, rejected by Elijah, prophesied against by Michaiah, dies in battle against Syria with random arrow
Battle of Qarqar
Ahab and the Israelites team with Ben Hadad and the Syrians to fight the Assyrians, documented in assyrian texts
prophet, calls fire down from heaven on Mt. Carmel, condemns Ahab, commissioned to appoint a new king and a new prophet, taken up to heaven in a firey chariot
Shalmaneser III
king of Assyria during the battle of qarqar
evil women, daughter of the king of tyre, worships baal,
had a vineyard that was nahalah (unsellable inheritance) that was taken/bought by Ahab
semi-good king of Judah during the time of Ahab; suspicious of the 400 agreed prophets; allies with Ahab in war against syria
Prophet, goes against the 400, tells Ahab that he will die in battle, sees the heavenly council in his vision
Ahaziah of Israel
Ahab's son, King of Judah, falls out window and Elijah says he won't recover
king of Moab, rebels against Jehoram the king of Israel, have a text from him that confirms the Bible, offers son as a sacrifice in battle and wins, worships Kemash
god of moab, who mesha worshipped
king of Israel who Mesha defeats in battle
succeeds Elijah as prophet, pronounces judgement of An=hab and Omri, annoints Jehu over Israel
King of Israel, overthrows Jehoram, marches on Jezreel, carries out bloody plague
people killed in Jehu's purge
Jehoram king of Israel, Ahaziah king of Judah, Ahaziah's relatives, Jezebel, Ahab's descendents, Baal worshippers
Ahaziah of Judah
Son of Jehoram and Athaliah, King of Judah, killed in Jehu's purge
escapes Jehu's sword, daughter of Ahab, Jehoram's wife and Ahaziah's mother; only non-Davidide ruler of Judah; carries out her own purge and kills everyone in the line of David except joash
Only Davidite spared in Athaliah's purges, in saved by a priest
priest that saves Joash
Jeroboam II
long and outwardly prosperous reign, Amos and Hosea prophesied against him
prophet, from the south, proclaims judgements on the nations including Israel, day of Yahweh-judgement; Israels sins are oppression of the poor and false cult; cult, king, call and hope; beginning of eschatology
prophet from the north, married a harlot; judgement and salvation; jugement of prophet, priest, king, cult; judgement and cult
Lo ruhamah
Hosea's child, "not pitied", no deliverance for Israel
Lo ammi
Hosea's child, "not my people", rejection of Israel
Hosea's prostitutish wife
prophet, the call, attack on religion and opression of the poor, attack on rulers, during Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah, and Manasseh
offers inholy sacrifice, gets leprosy, king of judah
Uzziah's son and coregent
syria's leader during the S/E war
Israel's leader during the S/E war
son of Tabeel
who syria and israel want to replace Ahaz with
King of Judah during S/E war; does not listen to Isiah, appeals to Assyria for help, submits to Assyria
revolts and reforms, incomprable king, breaks away fro Assyria, but trusts in Egypt and Babylon
Assyrian king, invades judah under hezekiah, jerusalem is spared in victory
evil king, undoes his father's reforms, shed innocent blood, submitted to Assyria
Manasseh's son, evil, assasinated
very good king; turns to the lord with all his heart; religious reforms (book of Deuteronomy, Passover, etc.)
prophetess that Josiah consults about the future, says Judah will be destroyed but Josiah won't be around to see it
Pharoah Neco II
fights Judah and kills Josiah at Megiddo
king of Babylon in 587
Josiah son #1; rules for 3 months
Jehoiakim (Eliakim)
Josiah son #2; rebels against Babylonians, Jeremiah warns not to trust in the temple or build
Josiah grandson; given to Nebudchanezzer- first deportation, taken out of prison at end of Jeremiah- note of hope;
Zekediah (Mattiniah)
Josiah son #3; last king of Israel; sign act = wooden yoke; rebels to gain the respect of the people => second deportation
from Anathoth (connection with Shiloh and Abiathar); message of judgement; his call; distinction between true and false prophets; suffering
beats Jeremiah and puts him in the stocks; Jeremiah curses him
conflict with Jeremiah- says the exile will be short, breaks the yoke
Judean governor put in charge, assasinated by Ishmeal
new leader of the Corvee; sent to Shecehm to negotiate-stoned
Tiglath-Pileser III
ruler of assyria during the S/E war, eventually kills Pekah and destroys Syria
Sargon II
king of Assyria in 721 when the northern kingdom ends
A priest of the golden calfs aat Betherl, conflicts with Amos
writer of Egyptian proverbs
last king of the north