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Agricultural district
areas designated for agricultural use
Apartment & multifamily district
areas designated for apartment & multifamily use
Business district
an area either designated or established with primarily businesses in the area
Central business district (CBD)
the core area of business in a city or area
Commercial district
an area set aside or designated for commercial ventures
Community shopping center
100,000 to 300,000 square feet
the stage of a neighborhood life cylce where property values & rents decline relative to other neighborhoods or districts
Destination shopping
retail that attracts shoppers as opposed to convenience shopping
resident of lower income area moved by gentrification
group of homogenous use
Education district
an area set aside for education facilities
Environmental hazards/liabilities
identified or government listed conditions that cause loss in value or stigma to a property
Environmental property assessment (EPRA)
also called transactional audit, a study of a property for environmental compliance
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
the U.S. governmental agency charged with oversight of environmental legislation
Environmental remediation/cleanup
effort to make a building &/or site comply with current clean standards as established by law
Environmental site assessment (ESA)
studies of environmental impact. Phase I, to identify potential hazards; Phase II, to test if suspected are present; Phase III to quantify
rehabilitation of property of higher income people, in lower income areas
a portion of a neighborhood or district cycle where values & and/or rents are rising relative to other areas
High technology parks
designated areas of research or high technology development
Historic district
designated areas of historical significance, generally protected
Industrial district
an area that is set aside for industrial uses
Innocent purchaser
one unaware (either actual or constructive) of claims on property
Joint & serveral liability
where each and every entity is fully liable for the claim against more than one entity
time/distance relationship between a use & its supporting use(s)
time-distance relationship between subject property & various destinations
Medical districts
areas set aside for medical facility development
a group of complementary land uses
Neighborhood or district boundaries
the defined area encompassing the neighborhood or district, usually with geographic or use boundaries
Neighborhood or district life cycle
growth, equilibrium, decline, & revitalization
Neighborhood & strip shopping center
30,000 to 100,000 square feet
a man-made or natural problem that interferes with the use &/or value of a property
Office district
areas set aside for office development
Property Observation Checklist
adopted by AI in 1995 as a checklist for possible environmental problems
Regional shopping center
stores built around one or more department stores of at least one hundred thousand square feet each
Research & development park
a designated area for research and development of drugs, electronics, chemicals, etc.
Residential district
a designated area for residential development
a stage of a neighborhood or district, after decline, where renovation &/or redevelopment takes place
Single-family residential neighborhood
a defined area of single-family units
referring to the location of a property (corner or interior) &/or linkages
Specialty center
untraditional retail centers such as festival, fashion, outlet mall, discount power, hypermarts, or warehouse clubs
the stage of a neigborhood or district after growth where little or no development takes place & values and rental rates are flat
Stigmatized property
one that has a perceived nuisance or environmental problem
Strict liability
being held accountable without fault; e.g. purchasers of property with some environmental problems are responsible for cleanup regardless if they caused the problem
Superfund Amendments & Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA)
passed to remedy problem in CERCLA (1994) wtih strict liability; innocent purchasers are exempt if make proper inquiry into previous ownership & uses
Superregional shopping center
store built around at least 3 major department stores of at least 100,000 square feet each
Time-distance linkage
time-distance relationships between a property & employment centers, recreation, houses of worship, etc.
Trade area
the geographic area that retail has a potential to capture sales
Environmental liabilities
2. Environmental audits
caters to impulse buying, has a mix of food & restaurants
boutiques & high quality clothes
factory outlet stores
Discount or wholesale
similar to community shopping center, but with a discount store as anchor
Power center
4 or more anchors
"Big box" general merchandise
value retailers
similar to community center in selection, but like regional shopping center in market dominance
Warehouse club
discount center with dues paying members