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What is the normal source of dry air for a radar system?
Ship's central dry-air system.
What is the major difference between the electronics dry-air branch and the vital service lp air main?
Degree of dehydration.
What is the air control panel designed to control?
What type of cooling is used to control ambient room temperature?
Air conditioning.
A typical liquid-cooling system is composed of what loops?
Primary and secondary.
What loop of a cooling system is often supplied by sea water?
The primary loop.
The spectrum of a radar transmitter describes what characteristic of the output pulse?
Frequency distribution.
Where should the transmitter spectrum be located with respect to the receiver response curve?
In the center.
The ideal radar spectrum has what relationship to the carrier frequency?
Symmetrical above and below the carrier frequency.
The display screen of a spectrum analyzer presents a graphic plot of what two signal
Power and frequency.
The peak power of a radar depends on the interrelationship of what other factors?
Average power, pulse width, and prt.
Transmitter power readings are most often referenced to what power level?
1 milliwatt.
A loss of receiver sensitivity has the same effect on range performance as what other loss?
Transmitter power loss.
You determine receiver sensitivity by measuring the power level of what signal?
Minimum discernible signal (mds).
When measuring receiver sensitivity, what quantities must you add to the dBm reading obtained on the signal generator or test set?
Attenuations of the directional coupler and the connecting cable.
Receiver bandwidth is defined as those frequencies spread between what two points of the
receiver response curve?
Half-power points.
The end of the usefulness of a tr tube is indicated by an increase in what quantity?
Recovery time.
Most shipboard distribution systems use ac power that has what number of phases?
How is emergency power applied when normal power is lost?
What device is used to switch power from the normal source to an alternate source for nonvital
Manual bus transfer (MBT) unit.
What procedure should you use when a power input to your equipment is missing?
Work backwards from the load to the source.