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What is a commercial pattern?
It is a ready made paper pattern with symbols that is enclosed in an envelope and can be bought in a store.
What is also included in the envelope with the commercial pattern?
a guide sheet or an instruction sheet.
Name three manufacturers of commercial patterns.
sew,simplicity,McCalls,Vogue,Butterick,See and Sew.
Name three thinge that appear on the front of commercial patterns.
-manufacturers name
-size of pattern
-pattern number
Name 3 things that can be found on the back of commercial patterns envelope
-table of body measurements
-list of notions
-pattern number
What is one of the three factors determining the selection of commercial patterns?
-If the fabric is already bought,the style should suit the fabric
What tells you how to layout and cut the commercial pattern on the fabric?
the guide sheet
State two other uses of the guide sheet.
-meaning of stitching terms
-definition of patternsymbols
-how much fabric will be needed.
What is a pattern layout?
a pattern layout is done when all the required pattern pieces are layed out and pinned on the fabric in an economical way paying special attention to the pattern symbols.