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contraho, contrahere, contraxi, contractum
to draw together
census, us (m.)
tribuo, tribuere, tribui, tributum
to assign, distribute
audacia, ae (f.)
boldness, audacity
viritim (adv.)
separately, to individuals
fanum, i (n.)
shrine, temple
certo, certare, certavi, certatum
to contend, compete, fight, struggle
popularis, is, e
popular, pleasing to the people
caedes, caedis (f.)
slaughter, murder
cupidus, a, um (+ gen.)
desirous of, eager for
muliebris, is, e
of a woman, womanly
classis, classis (f.)
fleet, army; class
item (adv.)
likewise, in the same way
queror, queri, questus sum
to complain
carpentum, i (n.)
two-wheeled carriage
vivus, a, um
alive, living
heres, heredis (m.)
inveho, invehere, invexi, invectum
to carry into; (passive) to ride into
continuus, a, um
continuous, successive