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Step 1
Create bill. (Senators research problems and possible solutions.)
Step 2
Introduce bill to legislature, filed with clerk, and given a number.
Step 3
Bill receives a public hearing and vote to send it on or not.
Step 4
General file: full legislature looks at bill, debates bill, makes amendments, compromises on bill. Majority votes can move it on; if not majority it is dead.
Step 5
Select file: 2nd debating and voting stage, further debate, amending, and compromising.
Step 6
Final Reading: Bill is read aloud, no amendments or debates but can be sent back to select file for amending. Majority vote moves bill on.
Step 7
Governor receives bill; they can sign or veto the bill. If veto 3/5 of legislature can overturn the governor’s veto.
Step 8
Three calendar months after legislature adjourns the bill becomes state law.