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Growth hormone (GH) is excerted by which of the following endocrine glands?

A. Thyroid
B. Testes
C. Adrenal Medulla
D. Anterior Pituitary
Anterior Pituitary
All of the following are reasons cortisol is viewed as a catabolic hormone except:

A. It increases proteolytic enzymes
B. It converts amino acids to glucose
C. It decreases muscle cell degradation
D. It inhibits protein synthesis
It decreases muscle cell degradation
Protein enhancements leading to greater size and strength of the tissue as a result of cellular stimulation and hormone interaction take place in the ________.

A. Actin
B. Myosin
C. Structural non-contractile proteins
D. All of the above
All of the Above
The production of which of the following anabolic hormones is reduced in response to an acute bout resistance training?

A. Insulin
B. Testosterone
C. Growth Hormone
D. Insulin-1 Growth Factor
What rest interval is associated with the greatest anabolic hormone response to resistance training when the exercise is performed for 8-12 repetitions using 70%-80% of 1RM

A. 30-60 seconds
B. 60-120 seconds
C. 120-180 seconds
D. The rest interval does not affect the hormone response
30-60 seconds