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What AR covers NCOERs?
AR 623-205
What is an NCOER?
A formal report for an individual soldier recognizing performance and personal traits for counseling and career development.
How many types of NCOERs are there?
There are 7:
1. Annual
2. Change of Rater
3. Releif for Cause
4. Complete the record
5. 60 day rater option
6. 60 day senior rater option
7. Temporary duty, Special duty, Compassionate Reassignment
What forms are used for the NCOER?
DA form 2166-8-1(NCO counseling checklist/record)
DA form 2166-8 (NCO evaluation report)
Who receives an NCOER?
All Enlisted E-5 and above Active/Reserve/National Guard
What is the minimum time period before the initial counseling must be done?
30 days
What is a rating scheme?
The published rating chain of the NCO's rating officials.
i/e rater, senior rater, reviewer
Where is the rating scheme posted?
In the Company or Section, it should be highly visible...
What are the parts of the NCOER?
1: Admin data
2: Authentication
3: Duty Description
4: Values/NCO responsibilities
5: Overall performance and potential
If an NCO attends a service school for 90 calendar days or more what must be done by parent command?
Change of rater report for the NCO and the rated NCO's subordinates.
Are handwritten comments acceptable on the NCOER?
Can civilian employees serve as Raters?
Yes, civilian employees GS-6 and above
What are the basic qualifications of the rater?
The rater must be the immediate supervisor and designated as the rater for 90 rated days.
What are the basic qualification for the senior rater?
The Senior rater must be in the direct line of supervision of the rated NCO and be designated Senior rater for a minimum of 60 days, and must be senior in rank to the rater.
What are the basic qualifications for the reviewer?
The reviewer must be a Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer, CSM or SGM in the direct line of supervision and senior in grade to the Senior rater.
What is an NCOER used for?
Used for personnel actions
i/e promotions, school selections, assignments, MOS classification, CMF designation, qualitative management.
What are the levels of performance under part IV on a DA form 2166-8?
The levels of performance are
Excellence-Exceed standards
Success-Meets all standards
Needs Improvement-Missed meeting some standards
What does relief for cause mean?
The removal of an NCO from a rateable assignment based on a decision by the NCO's chain of command. OR
When an NCO's personal or professional conduct, behavior or performance of duty warrants removal in the best interest of the US Army
What is Complete the record?
When the rated nco is being considered for a centralized DA promotion (E-7 thru E-9), school, or CSM selection.
What values are displayed on the bottom left hand corner of a DA form 2166-8?
The Army Values-
Selfless Service
Personal Courage
What are the rateable values/attributes/skills and actions contained in part IV of the DA form 2166-8?
Army Values
Physical Fitness/Military Bearing
Responsibility & Accountability
What is the time period for appealing an NCOER?
Within 5 years