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Lithium Level
Hemoglobin A1C normal
Magnesium normal
Tracheoesophageal fistula 3 C's
How do you set a JP drain?
Squeeze-Suck-Squeeze the bottle to let air out then replace cap.
Whats a NG tube used for?
Decompression, Gavage, Lavage and gastric analysis
CVP equals
pressure in the right atrium
don't remove crust, can cause scaring.
What is the indications of PIH?
increased 30mmhg systolic or 15mmhg diastolic with proteinuria and or edema dependant or facial after 20 weeks.
Heparin Therapy
test is PTT.. look for the H in the two tt's put together.. H=heparin
Coumadin Therapy
Test is PT
What happens if you give terbutoline and a Corticosteroid together?
A possible drug interaction is pulmonary edema.
What do you do at end stage cirrhosis?
The ammonia level is elevated and the doctor may order lactulose to decrease levels.
S/S of a transfusion reaction?
chills, dyspnea, itching, uticaria back and arm pain and fever.
Anticholinergic S/E?
Cant see
Pee spit or shit.. sorry.. they rhyme.
Lung Pain
Knifelike chest pain that increases with intensity with inspiration.
give morphine, it decreases oxygen demand on the heart
Digoxin.. What do you have to do first?
Take an apical pulse.. don't give if lower or at 60.
Digoxin toxicity?
Gree haol around lights
Mydriatic with a D?
Dilate pupils
Miotic with a O?
cOnstrict pupils
V-Fibrillation equals?
D Fib patient
Beta blockers are contraindicated in pts with?
Respiratory problems
Fill for?
Listen for a?
fill for a thrill
Listen for a bruit
No morphine for pts with ?
Pancreatitis because it causes spasms in the sphincter of Oddi.
Demerol is Drug of choice
Rubella is spread by?
NItro drip must be in?
Glass bottle remix every 4 hours.
normal is 140-280
What shouldn't you do with a pt with 2 plus pitting edema and pulmonary edema?
elevate the legs cause it causes increased venous return
Test for AAA?
Skin tractions for muscle spasms, don't release weights and inspect skin Q 8 hours for irritation.
Nagles rule?
1st day LMP
Subtract 3 months
Add 7 days.. Remember 37
Corticosteroids cause
the vessels dialates and become congested.
Epinephrine don't inject?
Oh OH OH to touch and feel a girls vagina arouses him
To determine if they are sensory motor or both. yes, really..
No Ginkgo why?
increases risk of bleeding when given with NSAIDS
20 month old is ready for what?
Toilet training
What is Dilantin and what should you not do?
Antiseizure med and don't stop immediately. liver function test must be good, impaired liver can cause a toxic reaction.
An infant should have_____bowel movements a day and ______wet diapers.
2-3 bowel movements
8-10 wet diapers a day
Digoxin level and when is it toxic?
0.5 and toxic over 2
Digoxin has a half life of what?
36 hours
With pepsid you should not take what?
No Maalox (It delays medication absorption)
With Buspar Buspiron you should drink or eat what?
grapefruit juice or eat it.
Normal AST males
Normal ALT males
Normal Creatine
Normal Bun
10-20 I remember 6-23
HOB is elevated to reduce what?
In respiratory distress don't do what?
lower the HOB
What is flomax used for?
BPH it decrease amount of urination and frequency. Administer at bedtime it decreases BP too.
SSRI's Celexa causes?
experiences some weight gain, take 3-4 weeks before effective.
Cozaar is for what and cause what?
Antihypertensive and watch for orthohypotensive.
Watch for what on a Ace inhibitor?
dry cough
What is a s/e of vicodin?
s/e of opiates is decreased urination.
s/s of magnesium toxicity
Resp rate less than 12 so stop the medication
What can garlic do?
can have direct hypoglycemic effect, may potentiate action of diabetic drugs.
Birthweight does what in 5-6 mos.
When you have an inhaler with 2 meds. .one bronchodilator and a steroid, you use which one 1st?
bronchodialator 1st then steroid
carbonated soda has what in it?
What is a complication for a spinal cord injury T-1 to T-6?
decreased respiratory reserve
Pt. with leukopenia should not have at the bedside?
fresh flowers, potted plants, or fresh fruits.. why? bacteria
Newborn sizes and norms
head circumference 33-35cm
chest is usually 1 inch less than the head
normal HR 120 sleeping 180 crying
What does a too large bp cuff cause?
a low reading
what does a too small bp cuff cause?
a high reading
With lung cancer think?
SIADH.. confusion weight gain, urine output 15cc/hr.