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to act in the best interest of others; to contribute to the well being of others. 3 components-to promote good, prevent harm or eveil, remove from evil or harm
fair, equitable, and appropriate treatment; resources are distributed equally to all
remaining faithful to ethical principles and ANA Code of Ethics for Nurces, keeping commitments or promises
compassion, discernment, thrustworthiness, and integrity; virtue ethics empahsize character or moral agent
freedom to make decisions that affect self and to take action for self, is self governing, includes 4 basic elements of respect for others, ability to determine personal goals, complete understanding of choice, and freedom to implement plan or choice
to maintain privacy of client and family; nondisclosure of data or personal information; is a component of ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses as well as HIPPA
Nurse Practice Act
determines the scope of practice for a professional nurse in a specific state.
unintentional failure to act as a reasonable person in similar circumstance would act that results in injury to another
Proximate cause
there is reasonably close causal connection between nurse's conduct and resulting injury
negligence by a professional; professional failure to carry out or perform duties that result in injury of another; socpe of practice should be delineated in order to operate within
threat of harm or unwanted contact with client that causes the client fear
a purposeful touching of client without that client's consent
Patient's Bill of Rights
communicates to clients and health care workers that clients are entitled to specific rights during care
Informed Consent Requirements
3-client has the mental capacity to consent, it is voluntarily done, and client understands treatment and information presented by provider of treatment
Health Care Proxy
a competant individual named by a client to have the authority to make health care decisions on behalf of the client during specified circumstnaces
Name the act all 50 states use to procure cadaver organs
Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
Risk Management
a program designed to protect client and nurse form harm and protect organization form liability related to harm
Unsafe working conditions are reported to which organization?
voluntary admission
occurs when a client consents to confinement in the hospitaland signs a document indicating as such.
a legal determination that a client can make reasonable judgements and decisions about treatment and other signifigant areas of personal life
involuntary admission, may be implemented on basis of being a danger to self or others, some states also have specific criterion or preventing signifigant physical or mental deterioration for involuntary admission