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types of laws
name 5
nurse practice act
know your scope of practice
tx is prejudice..race, social status or ability to pay violation of one's rights, lack of care damages of money or sanctions which law?
civil law
1. punishable by jail time and loss of license
2. jail time for less than a year or a fine. Action by the board could be suspension or loss of license.
1. Felony
2. Misdemeanor
laws created to provide consent for services when pt. is unable to or the right to refuse. Ex patient bill of rights
common laws
principles that guide nursing decisionsand conduct that pertain to what is righ/wrong. Even though the nurses values are different...maintain integrity
receive respectful tx
refuse tx without prejudice
safe environment
receive second opinion
see files
see practioners credentials
ex. common law Pt. Bill of Right
compasion and respct even if you are uncomfortable with that pt.s status
commitment, advocate, accountable, current licensure, participate in advacncement of, research
ex. code of ethics of nsg
legal charges against a nurse...5 terms
lack of reasonable conduct..falsifying something you didnt do through documentation of not putting pt. siderails up
professional misconduct or unreasonable lack of skill that results in injury or loss of services,ex. medication errors, failure to take vitals and pt. deteriotes
unjustifiable threat or attempt to touch or injure a pt.
ex. psychiatric pt. you restrain using undue power
legal wrong against a pt. or his/her property. intentional or uniintentional ex. destoying property while searching through belongings. other tort slander and battery intending to do harm
attempt to mislead in any form falsyfing documentation such as vitals that weren't taken
Responsibility for witnessing of consent
nurse witnesses that pt. voulntarily consented, appears to competent and the signiture is authenic
the most critical clients should be delegated to the person with the most education and experienced
delegation of care
skilled nsg but stable goes to whom?
ADL's are assigned to whom?
stable clients are assigned to the lesser qualified
Utilize Maslows Hierachy of Care with..
delegation of care
RN only duties
Place the client in restriants
CVP readings
insert PICC (certified)
IV meds, piggyback , push and teaching
calculate hourly I&O, postop V/S or care for unstable clients..don't assign to
legal document that describes a clients wishes for medical decisions in the event the client becomes incapacitated
advance directive
advance directive includes...
(client self determination act of 1990)
durable power of attorney for healthcare and a living will
points to remember when client speaks a differnt language
dont tx different;y
speak in normal tone
respect space
use interpertor
have them demonstrate care showed ie. drsg change
lactulose intolerance
prefer potatoes and corn
spicy vegetables, fruits and meats, pinto beans
rice, all fruts/meats, bean sprouts, ice cream but few milk products
all grains, fruits, veg. restrict meats no beef and milk products allowed
chinese buddhist
rice, all veg and meats, certain fruits and high incidenece of lactulose
most grains, use of Kosher, leavened bread forbidden at passover, all ruits/veg, pork, fish with scales and blood forbidden. milk not eaten at the same meal with meat
euorpeans of jewish faith
all grains,frutis/veg, beef ans some fowl restricted, all meat must be slaughtered, milk allowed
arab americans
tx accepted, but beef and beef products not allowed, priest for last rites
no meats on fri durin lent, mass on fri, sat and sun during hospitlization, priest for last rites
tx allowed to preserve life, practices vary in respect to death and burial
most tx allowed, at time of death religous leader called for last rites, burial prefered to creamation
church of latter day saints
priest called for consultation of tx, believe in reincarnation, body preserved, amputation refused, believe n prayers and rituals
kosher, only certain animals, no pork, dairy and meat not at same meal, fasting at passover, infant circumcised on 8th day of life, unleavened bread, rabbi for last rites body washed and someone remains with body until buried
no blood products and some surgery believe prayer will save
jehovah witness
during lent all animal products forbidden, fasting, wed/fri no meats, religous leader for last rites
russian orthodx
priest called for last rites, tx of 5 k's
at time of death Muslims want to face Mecca if in the US what direction?
left hand reserved for toileting,
most cough syrups forbidden due to alcohol
have a relaxed value with time
assumes 24 hr accountability of unit
nurse manager
mgmt style. decisions made with little or no staff input. mgmt doesnt delegat responsiility
mgmt style. little direction, stucture or support, little interst in achiving goals
mgmt style.staff encourage to participate in decesion making. staff development encouraged. most decesions made by group
mgmt style.problems identified by manager and presnted to staff for solutions. staff can provide input but manager makes decision
Multidisciplinary guidelies for client care
clinical pathways
nurse manager compares best practices from top hospitals
bench marking
system of formal evaluation of job performanceand recommends ways to improve performance
performance improvement
reviewed annualy. outlines the plan for providing quip. that costs more than $500..for 3 to 5 yrs use
capital budgement
day to day expenses for a unit
operating budgement
cost for staffing the unit, based on full time equivelans needed
comprehensive health services fro a designated payment, fixed payment give to provider periodically to cover costs of health care
negotiate special rates, reduced rates to attract insurance plan beneficiaries, members care paid for if they use a provider under contract
provide benfeciaries with carious client care services for an established agreed on payment
Managed Care