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Nightingale's main contribution to nursing during the Crimean War was
Reducing the death rate by instituting basic hygiene measures
The Industrial Age changed the direction of the nursing profession by
improving the economic and health care situations of workers in the industry
The Magnet hospitals project was important because it
identified the key elements hospitals could use to improve care and nursing practice
One of the main goals of the American Nurses Assoc. is to
support high nursing standards
Advantages of participating in professional nursing organizations include
developing leadership knowledge and skills
The nurse leader who was instrumental in establishing public health nursing was
Lillian Wald
Differences in what is taught in associate degree and baccalaureate degree programs include content about
leadership and management (BSN)
Prior to 1800s the primary providers of nursing care included
members of religious orders and prostitutes
With the advances in science and technology, it is critical that nurses be able to
use the computer system tp obtain information about patient conditions
The unionization movement of workers in the USA during the 1940s and 1950s contributed to the development of
A health care setting that delivered fee-for-service care by insurers of workers
Evidence based practice refers to health care practices that are based on
recent reasearch findings
The nurse responsible for establishing the American Red Cross is
Clara Barton
The organization responsible for developing licensure examinations is the
National Council of State Boards of Nursing
The honor society of the nursing profession is
Sigma Theta Tau international
The nurse with an associate degree is prepared to perform which of the following functions
direct patient care
RN completion programs differ from 4 year baccalaureate degree programs because the RN completion programs
recognize that the RN already has basic patient knowlege and skills
Which of the following statements is true about the 1965 ANA position paper?
The recommendations of the paper have not been implemented by the profession
Which of the following is true about the standards of care?
Standards of care are based upon the knowledge and skills all professional nurses are expected to have
A systemic process to evaluate nursing care and determine if the best patient outcomes are being achieved is called
Quality improvement
An advantage of peer review as a mechanism of quality improvement is that
it increases staff participation in the evaluation process
In the concurrent method of quality improvement, data are collected from?
current performance
Evaluation of the structure in a quality improvement program might include review of the
available equipment and staff resources
Evaluation of the work process in continuous quality improvement would include review of
transfer procedures from unit to unit
What is the main reason to measure the outcome of patient satisfaction in quality improvement programs
patients are the best qualified to evaluate the care they receive
Which of the following is true about total quality mgt
it is proactive and participative mgt style
A major advantage of total quality mgt is that it
involves all levels of employees within the organization
A limitation of chart audits as a mechanism of quality improvement is that
the documentation may be incomplete
Which of the following statements is true about the mechanism for quality improvement
all the methods have limitations, so it is best to use multiple methods
The organization that accredits hospitals to assure that standards are being met is the
An advantage of the observation method as a mechanism of quality improvement is that
It is reliable in determining that actual care delivered
Which of the fwg. statements about quality improvement is true?
Quality improvement is a complex process completed to evaluate all aspects of care
A common role of the staff nurse in quality improvement may involve
being a peer reviewer for colleagues
The main purpose of licensure of registered nurses is to
protect the safety of the public
Which of the fwg. is true regarding nurse licensure
To perform activities with in the scope of nursing practive, a person must have a nursing license
Credentialing differs from licensure becuase credentialing is
a voluntary process on the part of the nurse
Rules for disciplinary action against nurses are provided in the
nurse practice acts of each state
Which of the fwg. statements is true about nurse practice acts
the acts define the scope of nursing practice
Enforcement of the nurse practice acts is done by
the state boards of nursing
Misdemeanors and felonies are a type of
criminal law
WHich of the fwg. is a type of civil law
a law that originated from a written code of laws
A case in which the nurse is evaluated as to whether he or she was "reasonably prudent" in actions would involve a charge of
What serves as the basis for a charge of negligence against a nurse
standards of care
The definition of tort law covers
a wrongful act a person commits against another person
Failure to assess the functioning of an intravenous pump delivering meds to a patient would bean
act of omission
Nurses may be able to reduce the risk of committing negligent acts by
avoiding working long shifts without adequate rest or nutrition
Nurses may reduce the likelihood of errors if they
listen carefully to patients and attend to their complaints
malpractice applies to
all professionals with standards of care
Good samaritan statutes
proetect nurses from negligence charges when performing nursing during emergency situations without pay
When a person writes about another individual that harms that person's reputation and causes otherws to view him or her negatively, it is termed
if a patient has given his or her informed consent, it means he or she has
recieved sufficient information to make a decision about treatment options
a nurse's signature on the informed consent for treamtne form indicates
the nurse saw the patient sign the consent form
the primary purpose of documentation is to
assist in implementing the patients plan of care
nurses participate in the risk management proces by
collecting data from incident reports
if a person wants to complete a legal document to identify his or her desire for treatment, especially life supportive therapies in the future, he or she will complete an
advance directive
a criminal law that occurs when a person is fearful of being touched in a harmful way is
the comprehensive drug abuse prevention and control act of 1970 served to
control handling of narcotics and other regulated medicines by providers
Invasion of privacy is which type of offenxse
intentianl tort
When working with unlicensed assistive personnel, the professional nuse should
provide clear directions about tasks to be completed
The organization created by the federal government in response to the consumer health movement is the
agency for health care policy and research
a principle that underlies decisions about informed consent and advance directives is the principle of
self determination
when a nurse acts on the behalf of a petien she is acting in the role of
ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with
what should or ought to be
the document that guides the professional nurses ethical practice is the
american nurses association's code for nurses
the obligation that professionals have to be truthful is
the obligation that health care professinals do not harm and do good for paitens is
a limitation of the utilitarian theory or ethical decision making is that
it may not be applicable to all health care situations because of the definition of happiness
when ethical decisions are made based on the deontological theory, __ are used to guide the decision making process
moral rules and principles
the function of a hospital ethics committee typically includes
reviewing cases that require ethical decisions
when nurses must decide to report unethical conduct, they need to know that
the rights of both people involved must be protectded
examples of ethical issues in health care that nurses may deal with include
DNR orders
an ethical dilemma occurs when
a choice has to be made between two alternatives that are not completely positive
a decision in which the obligations of nurses and physicians are in conflict would be an example of
a normative decision
which of the fwg. are attributes of a profession
there must be an organized body of knowledge
autonomy as an attribute of a profession refers to the
control members have over the practice
nursing science and research
increase the likelihood that nursing will be considered a profession
Which of the fwg. is an example of a nurse functioning autonomously
a nurse gives a post-op pt a back massage to enhance pain relief from opioids
an example of an autonomous intervention is the nurse
educating pts about smoking cessation
which of the fwg is true about the education requirements of a profession
education should occur in higher education institutions
a requirement to be a preceptor is
experience in the area of nursing the preceptor will teach
a primary reason preceptor programs have been developed is to
improve socialization of new graduates into nursing
a benefit of a preceptor program to the new graduate who participates is that
it provides a source of support for the new graduate
coaching is a method nurses can use to
teach patients to self administer insulin
which of the fwg is the best example of a mentoring relationship
the professor and the nursing student form a close working relationship while the student completes the baccalaureate and masters program
for the professional RN who has not worked in nursing for ten years and wants to return to nursing, programs to help his or her socialization into the current practice setting may be found by
contacting the state's nurse's association
why is theory so important to the practice of nursing
theory can guide nursing practice
Which of the fwg is true about nursing theories
they are abstract ideas about phenomena's in nursing
to describe, explain, predict, or control nursing phenomena is the goal of
nursing theory
to be useful in nursing practice a theory should be
tested and supported by research
the type of theory that is testable through research is termeda
midrange theory
when working with a patient who is angry and needs assistance coping, the nurse could use which of the fwg. theories
Lazarus's Model
the nurses theorist who developed a theory about self care deficits is
dorothea orem
Hildegard Peplau is best known for her theory that describes
therapuetic communication skills
to work with a person to promote health, the nurse could use which of the fwg theroies
Pender's Helath Promotion Model
When working with a patient who is undergoing a cardiac catherization procedure, the nurse could reduce patient anxiety by using
Johnson's self regulation theory
When working with a pt with a pressure ulcer, to promote wound healing, the nurse could use which of the fwg. theories
a physiologic rationale of wound healing
physiologic rationale are appropriate to use as a basis for practice when the pt problem
requires a physiological base for solving the problem
an efficient delivery model in which care is delivered based on each provider doing a specific set of tasks
fuctional nursing
an advantage of team nursing is that
team members feel supported by each other
when primary nursing is implemented, the prfessional nurse
is accountable for the care received by a group of patients
The delivery model that best emphasized the autonomous role of the nurse is
primary nursing
differentiated practice means that
pt care is delivered based upon the education of the provider
managed care as a delivery model developed in response to
cost containment efforts
the main purpose of a care map and a critical path is to
achieve safe pt outcomes at a reasonable cost
in managed care models, when a pt is unable to have a diagnostic test because the preliminary work required for the test was not ordered or administered, it is a
provider variance
in managed care models, when a pt is unable to be discharged within a reasonable time due to prolonged pain, it is a
pt variance
Who would be knowledgeable and prepared to coordinate the evaluation of the care maps and critical pathways for groups of patients
the clinical nurse specialist
a limitation of the managed care delivery model is that
it is not supported by research as better than other models
Change that is deliberate and done to make a situation better is called
planned change
which of the fwg is true of breakpoint change
it most stressful of the indiviual and requires a great deal of time and effort to manage
a nurse should use the rationale model for change when he or she anticipates that
resistance to change will be low
a nurse who gives people new information about a change and provides opportunities for feedback about a change is part of the
moving stage
which of the fwg is true of the change process
evaluation of the change should be planned before the change is implemented
the development of groups of nurses and other providers to review studies to support changes in practice is an example of using ___ to support hange
research utilization
nurses use the power of expert knowledge and experience to
influence the change process and advocate for patients and staff
nurses as a group have a great deal of power because
the ANA has an active lobby group
which of the fwg is true about power
power like leadership can be learned by nurses
historically, autonomous practice by nurses has been limited because
nurses were mostly women and physicians were mostly men
which of the fwg is true of transformational leaders
they use shared vision to accomplish goals and objectives
the style of leadership that has been demosntrated through research satisfaction of staff nurses is
managers are different from leasders because managers have
specific goals and tasks to accomplish
managers are different from leaders because managers have
specific goals and tasks to accomplish
which of the fwg is true of the laissez-faire leadership style
it is unfocused
in the dual factor theory of leadership, leadership is viewed as
motivational in purpose and involves levels of satisfaction and dissatisfaction
an important role of a nurse leader is
to nurture younger nurses
nurses in the staf role need management skills to
manage pt care
nursing management is best defined as
plannin, organizing, and controlling resources to achieve pt outcomes
the costs component of a hospital budget includes
payroll of salaries and benefits
responibility and accountability for the budget of a community hospital lies with the
chief executive officer CEO
a full time equivalent is
a unit for measuring employee work time
the component of the budget that includes the actual number of hours worked, the minimum staffing requirements and any additional staff expenses is the
staffing budget
the NANDA system is used to
delineate potential or actual nursing problems that require treatment
a limitation of the NANDA system is that
the dxs are untested by research
which of the fwg is true of the nursing intervention classification NIC system
the system provides a method for categorizing common nursing interventions
a benefit of delegatioon is the
promotion of a sense of teamwork
which of the fwg statements are true of conflict managemnt
a collaboration to find a solution acceptable to both sides will have the best outcome
the most important therapeutic technique of communication is
sexual harrassment occurs when
unwelcome sexual advances are made that can influence a person's empoyment
if a nurse believes he or she has been a victim of sexual harrassment, he or she should
follow the institutional policies and procedures for sexual harassment
the americans with disabilities act ADA
was passed to eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities
the agency that oversees complaints related to the americans with Disabilities Act is the
Equal Employment IOpportunity Commission
the purpose of the ANA lobbyists is to
influence federal and state officials to support matters important to nursing
providing equal basic health care to all americans is the definition of
universal access
When a type of health care is restriced and not available to people, it is termed
the federal govt org that is responsible for protecting the health of all americans is the
Dept of Health and Human Services
the National Institute for Nursing Research is
a major source of federal grant funding for nurses and health scientists
a prepaid health plan in which primary care providers are viewed as gatekeepers to care is
a health maint. org
a demographic trend that is influencing health care and will continue to have a major impact on health care is
an increase in the elderly population