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Nursing interventions classifications taxonomy
Standardized language for nursing interventions
Pew commission report recommendations
Differneciation between roles of ADN and BSN
Advantage of primary nursing
Autonomy of nurse
Responsible for pt 24/7
functional nursing
team leader is responsible for group of licensed and unlicensed staff. Requires ancillary staff to preform tasks with proficiency
role of nurse manager
appropriate delagation
Collective Bargaining
negotiation of wages and benfits andother working conditions between employee and employer
Autonomous profession
having legal authority to set professions own standards
Theory based practice
Allows for testable teory bassed knowledge base
Major influence on nursing becoming a profession
Lavina Dock
Involved in political activism
1920 passage of 19th amendment
Mary Breckenridge
1925 Kentucky
Began frontier nursing Services for health care in rural US
National Organization for the Advancement of Associate degree Nurses. Single focus on ADN's
Lillian Walds primary contributuon
Established visiting nurses Services in 1893 in impoverished New York
Mildres Montag's reason for developing ADN's
relieve shortage of RN's after WWII
ANA proposal for ADN's
a step in career upward mobility plan
Purpose of Brown report
1948 analyze changeing needs of nursing as a profession
Goldmark report on nursing and nursing education 1923
focused on problems with hospital traing schools ie: length of day for students
Community Education Nursing Report
Montag & Gotkin focused on Effectivness of ADN education
Omnibus Budget Reconcilliation Act OBRA
mandates national standards of care in skilled nursing facilities
Primary function of state nurse practice act
Define parameters of professional nursing including scope of pracice and educational requirements
ANA standards of professional practice (8)
Quality of care / Performance appraial / Education / Collegiality / Ethics / Collaboration / Research / Resource Utilization
Did not respond to ANA paper; postion on Educational prep on Nurse practioners and assistants to nurses
Model of the Concept of human caring
Developed by Jean Watson
developed Self-care model of nursing
Dorthea Orem
Probable result of loosing a case of causing harm to a pt
Monitary payment to patient
function of expert witness
offer opinion of how standards of care apply to the case
purpose of ANA code of ethics
professional self regulation
posible charges if nurse fails to report drug abuse by peer
Misdemeanor - criminal law
process of values clarification
result of indentifying and reflecting on common values
utilitarianism theory
the end justifies the means
Benefit of theory development
enables nursing to based on scientific fact
under ANA standards of clinical practice what id the nurse responsible for
scope of nusing practice
ie: assessment
critical pathways
treatment plan with daily timeline for care
principal of good samaritan laws
1st nurse theorist
Floence Nightengale
Required to bring a bill to house or senate
A sponsor
may be one or more legislators
public sector agency
example: County Health Department
effective way for nurses to influence legislators
Write letters re;health issues
increased consumer awarness of healthcare system
Community member participation on health care committees
primary problem with fee For Service
no rewards for careful use of resources and no control of services used
Nursing outcome classification system NOCS
list of indicators suggesting change of condition
policies and proceedures are
considered an agencies standards of practice
expectation of ADN
provide direct patient care accross health care continuum
shares decision making with one or more associates but not with the entire team
Brown report 1948
move away from diploma nursing and toward college and university education
mission of NLN
promote health and quality of health care by supporting nurse education and practice
Represents nursing profession to all people and groups and foster high standards of professional practice
influenced reforn in nursing education
Dorothy orem
Self care model
Imogene King
Concept of open systems
Syster Callista Roy & Myra Levine
Adaptation model
organization- maintains nurse should not participate in assisted suicide
primary purpose of accreditation
establish excellance
PEW report
reduce number of nurses and professionals
ANA code for nurses
provides guidlines for professioal behavior and decision making / stresses obligation to patient