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What would indicate a UTI in a school aged child?
Enuresis and frequency
What appears two days prior to a rash in Measles (Rubeola)?
Koplik's Spots on the Buccal Mucosa
About 20% of men and 80% of women are asymptomatic with this STD. Resistant to Penicillin, but not Suprax or Cipro.
Protection by actually contracting the disease.
Natural Immunity
Developed by a person's own body and can be transferred in breast milk or across the placenta.
Active Acquired Immunity
Temporary Immunity from another source that has developed immunity through immunization.
Passive Acqired Immunity
Acquired Immunity
immunity that has occurred through immunization or the actual illness itself.
Vesicles along one side of the thorax,face or trunk.
Why should a patient's fluid volume be increased to 3,000-4,000 per day when taking Sulfa?
To prevent crystalluria
Given to decrease urine alkalinity.
Foods most likely to cause Salmonella
Poultry and eggs
How does HSV Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 survive in the body?
Invades nerve ganglia when it's replication diminishes.
What are often the initial manifestations of Shigella?
Fever and abdominal cramping
What should a pt. with AIDS clean surfaces with at home?
A dilute solution of bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite)
What is the normal bacterial count in urine?
Chills with some sort of respiratory distress such as crackle or use of accessorary muscles to breathe.
No lung sounds
Productive cough,Fever, foul, bloody sputum, chest pain, weakness and dyspnea.
Lung abscess
Night sweats, low grade fever, cough, fatigue and weight loss.
Pulmonary infiltrates on CXR, fever, dyspnea and non-productive cough
Pneumocystic Carinii
How often should the skin of Buck's extension be checked?
The foam boot should be removed and skin checked t.i.d.
S.O.B, chest pain and confusion after a fx.
Fat embolism
Signaled by sx. of a systemic infection such as chills, fever and general malaise.
What will cause bleeding with a saturated dressing after a below the knee amputation?
Bleeding from a loosened suture.
With this type of cast the shoulders should be higher than the buttocks.
Hip Spica Cast.
Should ideally wear a brace 23 hours per day.
Pt with Scoliosis
What is the first thing you should do for a pt with a fx. who becomes irritable, restless and confused?
Obtain ABGs as this may indicate a fat embolus
What is the best indicater of circulatory compromise in a pt. who under went right hip replacement 3 days ago?
Pain with dorsiflexion of the right foot (positive Homan's sign)
What should a pt taking Probenecid (Colcichine) be instructed to do?
Drink eight glasses of water per day to flush out any uric acid.
A pt is c/o right greater toe pain after a right below the knee amputation, what should you do?
Give the prescribed analgesic
Injury occurring from C1 through C8
Injury occurring from T1 through L4
What test is it important to lye still during?
CAT scan
What are precipitating factors for seizure activity?
Increased Stress, insomnia and alcohol use.
Difficulty recognizing or interpreting objects.
What is the initial reaction of the nurse if a patient with Meningitis c/o increased severe headache and has a fever of 102.3.
Do a neuro assessment
Pt with a C-5 injury eventual goal is to...
be able to self feed
If a pt. with M.S laughs continuously you would know this was caused by...
Destruction of myelin interrupts nerve impulses. The nerves which would be affected would be those leading to the frontal lobe of the cerebrum.
Anticoagulant given after a CVA for quick prevention of thrombus formation.
I.V Heparin
What is the initial intervention for a pt. who has just had a CVA?
Lateral position with the HOB elevated.
Pain is located in the epigastrium and occurs 1-3 hours after eating.
Duodenal Ulcer
Developes a few weeks after a burn when the patient expels a black stool
Curling's Ulcer
What should a pt. who has just had a gastrectomy with Dumping Syndrome be taught?
To eat small frequent meals that are low in simple sugars.
What type of a diet should a pt. with Ulcerative Colitis be on?
Low residue such as cottage cheese
What is the purpose of using an elastic pressure garment after a severe burn?
To reduce hypertrophic scarring
The skin is most susceptible to skin excoriation after which surgical procedure?
Burn healing consumes large amounts of what?
An early manifestation is crampy pain in the LLQ
A client with malnutrition has abdominal surgery and experiences wound dehiscence, what is the cause?
Collagen production is diminished. (Collagen is dependent on protein)