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Name a complete protein
What inhibits the absorption of fat soluble vitamins?
Mineral Oils
Amino acids contain a substance called ________ that distinguishes from fats and carbs
What will help reduce sticky bronchial secretions
Maintaining an adequate fluid intake
What is the best source of vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
Vitamin B2 is also known as
Riboflavin is also known as what vitamin?
Mineral Oils inhibit this _____
The absorption of fat soluble vitamins
Eggs are a complete _____
This drug causes constipation by slowing the motility of the colon
What is the muscle that lifts in the anal canal during defecation?
Levator ani
What is an appropriate diet for the elderly?
Low calorie, low fat, with lots of fruits
What tool is used to measure the total urine output during one void?
How would you assess diaphragmatic breathing on a patient?
Diaphragmatic breathing is assessed by placing the palms of hands in the area of the lower ribs
How do you measure inhaled air?
Use an incentive spirometer
What is a side effect of Iron use?
Gastric irritation
Vitamin D helps with the absorption of _______
Central venous lines are primarily used to monitor _______
To monitor central venous pressure
What side effects can occur when magnesium is low?
Confusion or seizures
What three things effect the rate of oxygen being transported from the lungs to the tissues?
Cardiac output, number of electrolytes and exercise
The need for oxygen _______ due to sympathetic nerve stimulation when a person becomes anxious or stressed
What is dysuria?
A symptom of a UTI
The drainage bag of a Foley should be kept _______ when ambulating a patient?
Below the level of the patient's waist
What is the proper technique for cleaning the female genatalia?
Cleanse the labia and urinary meatus from front to back using sterile cotton and solution
Malnutrition is common in _________
What is a substitute for meat in a vegetarian diet?
Coffee, cocoa, and tea have ______ effects
What fluid is given to a patient in metabolic acidosis?
0.5% NS
Low residue diets are also know as _____ _____ foods
Non irritating
Name three things that should be assessed for an IV infiltration
Coolness, pain and pallor
Crackles with an elevated systolic BP would be present in a patient with _______
Fluid volume excess
What should you expect with a potassium of 6.2
Cardiac arrhythmias
Cheese is high in ________
Dark green vegetables are high in ________
Nausea and vomiting can be present in patients who are in _______ _______
Metabolic acidosis
A common stool color for a breast fed infant is ______
A normal respiratory assessment of a newborn is ______ breaths per minute with some ____ ____ and _____ _____
30-60 breaths per minute. Some apnea and irregular breathing is common
During inhalation, describe how the diaphragm and ribs move
The diaphragm contracts and the ribs move upward during inhalation
pH - 7.29, PCO2 - 38mm/hg, HCO3 - 17
Metabolic acidosis
A patient suffering from severe gastrointestinal bleeding needs
True / False : Vitamin B is water soluble
Another name for Vitamin C
Ascorbic acid
_____ _____ has the strongest effect on chemical receptors in the body
Carbon dioxide
Vegetarian patients with an iron deficiency should take supplemental _____
Vitamin C
Green leafy vegetables should be recommended to patients suffering from _______
Patients who have ongoing nasogastric feedings should be placed in this position
Semi Fowlers position
What will tube feeding with a high osmolarity product cause?
What is the pathway of a rectal enema tube?
Toward the umbilicus along the rectum
When checking residuals, always do this
Reinsert residuals back into the tube
A vegetarian diet needs an additional amount of vitamin _____ in the diet
Body fat is measured using this test
Skin fold measurement
Patients with hypertension should eat a _____ ____ diet
Low sodium
Patients who have difficulties with chewing or swallowing should have this type of diet
What type of test would you expect with a patient with kidney disease, dehydration or malnutrition?
Increase BUN
Meats and diary products are high in vitamin ____
Antibiotics will often cause _____
Apples are high in _____
Where is the tip of the central venous pressure catheter placed?
In the right atrium
Internal hemorrhage can be caused by a severe deficiency of this vitamin
Vitamin K
Muscle weakness, speech changes, rapid or weak pulse or abdominal distention are caused by _______
Constipation with liquid fecal seepage is an indication of ________
An impaction
Severe diarrhea can cause ________
Fluid and electrolyte loss
How would you treat a fecal impaction?
Administer an oil retention enema followed by a cleansing enema
What type of enema distends the rectum and colon with gas released from the solution?
Carminative enemas
What type of enema us used to expel flatus?
Colonic irrigation, also known as a return flow enema
What would you expect to find in regards to specific gravity that would be a significant finding with dehydration?
Specific gravity of urine would be elevated
Describe Cheyne-Stokes- respirations
Uneven, deep to shallow and with periods of apnea
Use this to irrigate a nasogastric tube hooked to continuous suction
Normal Saline
What is the normal paO2 range in the arterial circulation?
80-100 mmHg
What type of solution is a fleet enema considered?
Hypertonic enema
Abnormally large amounts of urine
Stressful environments can contribute to _________ in a school age child
_______ is lost when tissues are damaged
Decreased fluid volume should be watched when a pt has severe ________
What will help a child with enuresis?
Short term tofranil, urinating before going to bed and restricting fluids after last meal
Chronic alcoholics will have decreased _________
What is a side effect for low magnesium?
Common side effect of hyperkalemia and hypokalemia
What type of diet should be given to a patient recovering from diarrhea?
High carbohydrate, low fiber
Where is abnormal fat absorption detected?
What food is good for a patient who is hypocalcemic and allergic to dairy products?
What is the proportional ratio of calories from fats, carbs, and proteins
A side effect of diuretics is?
Leg Cramps
Is it normal to have a slight presence of sugar in the urine?
No, this is an abnormal result of a urinalysis
Increased tone of nonvascular smooth muscles is an effect of ______
Paregoric on the gastrointestinal tract
Drainage of intestinal fistula can cause ________
Abdominal cramping and large doses of baking soda will cause ______
Metabolic alkalosis
Amount of residual urine needed before a catheter is inserted is ______
50 cc
Patients with high cholesterol should eat a diet high in ________
Polyunsaturated fats
Side effect of a diet low in sodium is _____
Weight loss
This should be increased for a patient with a negative balance
This food is good for a patient to eat when on a low cholesterol diet
Peanut Butter
This vitamin helps to transmit nerve impulses
Vitamin B
Water re-absorption by the body here
Large intestines
Use this vitamin for wound healing
Vitamin C
Determines a patient's pulse deficit by checking the _____ - _____
Apical - radial pulses
Provide this for a patient with anemia
The propulsive gastrointestinal muscular activity is called _______
Cheese should be encouraged in what diet to increase absorption of protein?
Lacto vegetarian
Broccoli is low in _______
Chronic alcoholics will have decreased _________
Vitamin B (thiamine)
An increase of milk can _____ ______ in a 15 month old
Decrease hemoglobin
Watch for _____ when TPN is shut off
Before administering through a feeding tube, what should you look for?
Residual feeding contents
Problems with fat metabolism will cause this
Vitamin B1 deficiency
Constipation can be caused by ______
A diet high in refined carbs
Two side effects of Lasix administration are
Muscle weakness and hypotension
This may be normal for the elderly, but can cause an alteration in nutrition
Impaired sense of taste buds
What regulates the retention of sodium?
This exercise can help with urinary incontinence
Normal urinary output = ___ cc/hr
What position should a patient's bed be in when he needs to defecate?
Semi Fowlers
What important measure should be taken in regards to a foley bag?
Always keep the Foley bag below the bladder level
Diuril can cause this side effect
Name two side effects of Lomotil
Increased intestinal tone and decreased peristalsis
Hypoxia can cause permanent brain damage in _____ minutes
3 to 5
A nasal cannula will deliver ____L /min air with approx ____% O2
5 L air 35% O2
A complication for bronchodilators is
Cardiogenic complications
What muscles are weaker in the elderly? What complications does this lead to?
Expiratory muscles, leading to more frequent respiratory infections
Hyperkalemia symptoms
Concentrated urine, dry mucous membranes and dry swollen tongue
Labored breathing
Deep and even chest expansion with each breath
Hypovolemia in an infant
Depressed anterior fontanel and dry mucous membranes
Memory loss is an early sign of acute _____
When removing a Foley on your patient, watch for ______
Patient voiding and bladder distention
This simple change can reduce an infant’s oxygen need
Providing a calm quiet environment
Food intake stimulates _______
Gastro colic reflex which affects bowel elimination
Increased erythropoietin production will ______
Increase the capacity for oxygen to be carried to all areas of the body
Clubbing of the fingers is seen in patients with ______
Chronic hypoxia
A common complaint after an indwelling catheter is removed
Monitor this when giving a patient a potassium chloride intravenous solution
Their output
Watch for dyspnea and crackles when giving ______ solutions intravenously
pH 7.30, pCO2 50 mmhg
Respiratory acidosis
This laxative preserves natural bowel function
Bulk forming
What happens to the atmospheric and intrapulmonic pressures when a person takes a deep breath?
Atmospheric pressure exceeds intrapulmonic pressure
Tap water enemas may cause _______
Assessing whether the patient can squeeze your hand is a way to check for _______
Interference with iodine absorption affects _______
Cell metabolism
Foreign travel - developed diarrhea can cause ________
Malabsorption syndrome
0.9% NaCl would cause fluid to move from ______ to ______
Circulatory system to the interstitial spaces
0.45NaCl would cause the fluid to move from _____ to _____
Plasma into the cells
What diet should be promoted with a patient who has a low serum albumin?
High protein
What abnormal lab values should you see with a patient who has been vomiting for four days?
An increase in hematocrit
Narrow ribboned shaped stool is ______
Stress incontinence can be improved with ______ exercises
How long must an oil retention enemas remain in the patient?
At least one hour
What food is recommended for an 8 yr old patient who is at risk for constipation?
Decrease flatulence by limiting ______
Carbonated drinks
Diarrhea with tube feeders usually means ______
The feeding is too high in carbohydrates
Take daily weight for a patient with ______ and _____
Edema and CHF
For a patient with a heart problem and low hemoglobin, give ______ blood
Packed cells
This should always be given to a patient when receiving blood products
Normal saline
Extreme stress will affect the urinary output in what way?
Decrease urinary output
What is important to know about a kayexalate enema?
The patient should hold the enema as long as possible and then expel it
Glycerin suppositories are given __ minutes before the patient's usual defecation?
30 minutes
Recommend ______ for lacto-vegetarian patients who are anemic
Soybeans, corn, raisins and milk
Tomatoes will help in the absorption of ____
This serum electrolyte will be elevated in a patient who is immobile
This saline enema twill increases fluid bulk by decreasing fluid absorption
Milk of Magnesia
This method is used to exhale more effectively
Pursed lip breathing
Un-oxygenated blood leaves the heart through the ______ ______
Pulmonary artery
Diets high in _____ and vitamin ___ are encouraged to bed bound patients
Protein and vitamin C
Where should the patient place their hands when you are using the pivot maneuver to transfer them?
On your shoulders
This most affects a patient's level of ability
A trochanter roll is placed against the patient's ______ to prevent _______
Femur to prevent external rotation
What is the Sim's position?
Patient laying on their left side with pillows placed beneath the head, upper right arm and upper right thigh
How should the nurse promote safety of an immobile patient?
Orient the patient to the call light, NOT using restraints or leaving the side rails down
These type of exercises maintains muscle strength and size
Passive range of motion maintains _______
Joint flexibility
Slightly flex these two body parts when correctly positioning an immobile patient in bed
Hips and elbows
Elderly patients have a decreased ability to _________
Metabolize drugs
Ritalin is commonly used in the treatment of _________
Narcolepsy stage IV of NREM
What stage of sleep would you see a decrease in blood pressure, metabolic rate and slow, rolling eye movements?
A sign of REM deprivation is ________
A sign of NREM deprivation is ________
Excessive sleepiness
Uncontrolled attacks of overwhelming sleepiness during the day
This type of sleep allows the brain to analyze the day's activities
What type of sleep restores the body physically?
What type of sleep increases the metabolism of the brain?
What stage of sleep is most difficult to arouse, most relaxed and rarely moves
Stage IV of NREM
You can develop signs like anxiety when you are denied ________
Opportunities to dream while sleeping
What is the most important factor that affects an individuals need for rest?
_____ is recommended for patients with sleep disturbances
Patients should wear _______ when walking
Crutch walking is an impractical goal because_______
The elderly have a decreased level of vital acuity
What is monitored to gauge the nutritional status of a post op patient who is confined to a bed?
Serum albumin
Keeping the knees flexed when moving a patient from one side of the bed to the other helps to _______
Lower your center of gravity