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Bone and tooth formation,blood clotting, and nerve transmission are the major functions of what mineral?
Bone and tooth formation and acid-base balance are the major functions of what mineral?
Neurologic disturbances is a sign of deficiency of what mineral?
Component of cartiladge,tendon,and proteins, and acid-base balance are major functions of what mineral?
Body water balance and nerve function are the major functions of what mineral?
Muscle cramps and reduced appetite are signs of deficiency of what mineral?
Muscular weakness and paralasis are signs of defiency of what mineral?
Formation of gastric juice is a major function of what mineral?
Which two minerals make up 80% of the elements in the body?
Calcium and phosphorous
Those that people require daily in amounts over 100mg. Includes calcium,phosphorous,sodium,potassium,magnesium,chloride, and sulfur?
Those that people require daily in amounts less than 100 mg. Includes iron,zinc,manganese,iodine,flouride,copper,cobalt,chromium,and selenium?
Two common problems and their results associated with mineral nutrients.
1. Iron deficiency resulting in anemia, and 2. Osteoporosis resulting from loss of bone calcium.
Major dietary sources of calcium?
Milk,cheese,dark green veggies,legumes
Major dietary sources of phosphorous?
Milk, cheese, meat, poultry,whole grains
Major dietary sources of magnesium?
Whole grains, green leafy veggies
Major dietary sources of potassium?
Meats,milk,many fruits and veggies,whole grains
Major function of iron?
Component of hemoglobin and enzymes
Major function of iodine?
Component of thyroid hormones
Major function of flouride?
Maintenance of tooth structure
Major function of zinc?
Component of enzymes
Major dietary sources of iron?
Meats,eggs,legumes,whole grains,green leafy veggies
Major dietary sources of flouride?
Drinking water, tea,seafood
Major dietary sources of zinc?
Meats,seafood,whole grains
Complex carb derived from plants,cannot be digested by humans,but supplies roughage, or bulk to the diet.
Formed in organic compounds, as inorganic compounds,and as free ions. On oxidation, these form an ash which can be acid or alkaline