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Definition of nutrition
sum of all the interactions between an organism & the food it consumes
Definition of nutrients
organic,inorganic,and energy producing substances found in foods and required for body functioning
large calorie
amount of heat required to raise the temp of one gram
of water 15 to 16 degrees celsius and is the unit used in nutrition
Definition of metabolism
all biochemical and physiologic processes by which the body grows and maintains itself
Definition of basal metabolic rate (BMR)
rate at which the body metabolizes food to maintain the energy requirements of a person who is awake and at rest.
Nitrogen Balance
measure of the degree of protein anabolism and catabolism; the net result of intake and loss of nitrogen. When nitrogen intake equals output a state of balance exists
List the essential nutrients
water,carbs, fats, proteins,vitamins and minerals
List the water-soluble vitamins
List the fat-soluble vitamins
A,D,E, & K
Which group of vitamins cannot be stored by the body and must be supplied in the daily diet?
water-soluble vitamins
Major dietary sources of Vitamin A
Dairy; liver;provitamin carotene; orange and deep green fruits and veggies
Major dietary sources of Vitamin D
Fortified and full-fat dairy;
egg yolk;synthesized in the skin on exposure to sunlight
Major dietary sources of Vitamin E
Veggie oils and their products (salad dressings);
Major dietary sources of Vitamin K
Green leafy veggies; meat
Signs of deficiency of Vitamin A
Night blindness; keratinization of epithelial tissues
Signs of deficiency of vitamin D
Rickets; osteomalacia
Signs of deficiency of Vitamin E
Possible anemia
Signs of deficiency of Vitamin K
Severs bleeding on injury; internal hemorrhage
What vitamin promotes calcium absorption from the GI tract?
Which vitamin is an antioxidant, which prevents oxygen from combining with other substances and damaging them?