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The making of products in large numbers is called...
mass production
A conflict fought with words, rather and weapons is called a.....
cold war
What are three ways the people of NC helped the war effort during WWII?
1) more US troops trained in NC
2) Many NC women served in the military
3)many Victory Gardens were planted and they rationed food
What does WWII stand for?
World War II
What is a Victory Garden?
A family garden for growing some of your own food instead of having to buy it. It helped us send food to the soldiers by us not having to buy food from a store.
With more cars in NC, there was soon a need for more....
NC has been known as the Good ______ State.
Kitty Hawk was chosen as a place to experiment with flight because....
the wind was steady and sand dunes in nearby Kill Devil Hills made it easy to set gliders in motion.
A product made for personal use is a....
consumer good
Some examples of consumer goods are....
radios, food, clothes
A period in our country where there were few jobs and little money was...
the depression
The federal government set up ____ ______ during World War I.
military camps
Three military camps that were setup are...
1) Fort Bragg
2) Camp Lejeune
3) Seymour Johnson Air Base
The Nineteenth Amendment of the Constitution gave ____ the right to ____.
The separation of people because of their race, religion, or where they come from is ....
Three examples of how segregation laws in NC took away the civil rights of African Americans are....
1) couldn't go to same school
2) couln't go to same theater
3) couldn't go to same restaurants
Many of the troopes who fought in Vietman trained in NC at ...
Fort Bragg
Henry Ford's automobile assembly line made cars ____ expensive.
A piece of factory equipment is not an example of a .....
consumer good
Which people fought in combat in WWII?
How were the first cards made?
by hand
Did people buy more consumer products in the 1920's, before the Great Depression?
The inventor of the Buggymobile is...
Gilbert Waters from New Bern
The Charlotte Motor Speedway is a track for...
auto racing
The location of the first airplane flight is...
Kitty Hawk
The place where Japan attacked American ships during WWII is...
Pearl Harbor
Greensboro is the place where students had a sit-in for...
equal rights
Astronaut, Ellen Baker, was born in...
A training bas for Special Forces troops is in .....
Forth Bragg
The World War training camp located in Charlotte is called..
Camp Green