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which type of inflammation occurs the same way every time and has a rapid response to injury
acute inflammation
3 major components of acute inflammation
vascular size changes
structural changes
immigration of PMNs
think of what happens when you stub your toe
* which type of inflammation has infiltration with mononuclear cells
* chronic inflammation
granulomatous inflammation is an example of what type of inflamm.
chronic inflamm.
name the 2 most common cause of granulomatous inflamm.
what are some factors that can prolong wound healing
immunocompromised (prolonged steroid use)
Name the 4 types of hypersentivity Rxns in order
anaphylactice (IgE)
cytotoxic (IgM & IgE)
immune complex mediated (Ag/Aby)
Delayed/ cell mediated (sensitised T cells)
drug rxns, asthma and hives are examples of what type of allergic Rxn
type I (anaphylactic)
transfusion Rx, rheumatic fever & Goodpasture's syndrome are examples of what type of allergic Rxn
Type II (cytotoxic)
IgM & IgE
SLE, RA and serum sickness are examples of what type of allergic Rxn
Type III (immune complex mediated)
transplant Rxn, contact dermatitis and TB skin test are examples of what type of allergic Rxn
Type IV (delayed)
senstised T cells
what med. can cause Bull's eye maculopathy
plaquenil (anti-malarial
What autoimmune disorder can present with:
*butterfly rash
(+) ANA
(+) Class II HLA genes
can cause disc edema and papilledema
what type of arthritis affects small joints and symptoms are worse in the am?
what type of arthritis affects large joints
what disorder presents with dry eyes, dry mouth and arthritis
Sjogren's syndrome
increased uric acid levels are typically related to:
celiac sprue(wheat intolerance) is linked to which type of lymphoma
B cell lymphoma
how do you Dx sarcoids
chest X-ray
*what are the ocular findings for sarcoids
* ant. granulomatous uveitis (also found in TB)
* candle wax drippings
what is the ocular finding for ankylosing spondylitis
raging ant. uveitis
which disorder is assoc. with a (+) HLA B-27 gene
ankylosing spondylitis
*what is the classic triad for Reiter's syndrome
"old man Reiter can't see, can't pee, can't climb a tree"
what is the most common primary immunodeficiency Dz
IgA deficiency
which Aby is found in body secretions
what part of IgA makes the Aby secretory
*where does AIDS replicate
what is the most common acquired immunodeficiency?
in AIDS pts., what is the most common eye inf. and leading cause of blindness
what are 4 common opportunistic inf. in AIDS pts.
pneumocystic pneumoniae
fungal inf.
Kaposi's sarcoma
4 types of necrosis
coagulative (MI)
liquefactive (lung)
caseous (TB)
what is caused by trisomy 21
Down's syndrome
what are 2 disorders assoc. with Down's syndrome
mental retardation
cong. heart Dz
trisomy 18 is assoc. w/
Edward's syndrome
"Eddy is 18"
does Klinefelter's syndrome (XXY) occur in males or females?
Kalvin Kline happens to boys
does Turner's (XO) syndrome occur in males or females
Tina Turer happens to girls
name 3 recessive Dzs
sickle cell
cystic fibrosis
decreased MCV, Fe deficiency anemia and thalassemia are ex. of what type of anemia
microcytic anemia
what are some ex. of normocytic anemia (norm. MCV)
aplastic anemia
hemolytic anemia
sickle cell Dz
chloramphemicol can cause what type of anemia
aplastic anemia
in sickle Dz glutamic acid is substituted for ____
"V has victory over G"
2 ex. of macrocytic anemia (increased MCV)
B12 deficiency (pernicous anemia)
folic acid deficiency (common in alcoholics)
Bence Jones protein in the urine is assoc. w/ what type of myeloma
mult. myeloma
*Reed-sternburg cells are assoc. with what type of lymphoma
what is a roth spot
retinal hemorrhage w/ white spot in the middle
charactistic of leukemia
Roth spot is characteristic of what
auer rods are assoc. w/ what type of leukemia
90% of pts. wth CML are pos. for what chromosome
(+)Philadelphia chromosome
what is an adenoma
benign epithelial tumor that arises in glands or forms glandular pattern
from what tissues do sarcomas arise from
mesenchymal tissue
carcinoma arises form what tissue
epithelial tissue
what is the 2nd most common skin CA
squamous cell CA
what is neoplasia
unorganized "new" cell growth
6 causes of neoplasms (unorganized "new" cell growth"
viruses (HPV, EBV, etc.)
toxins (tob., asbestas)
DZs (MG, ulcerative colitis)
loss of tumor supressor gene
gain of oncogenes
presence of a Hollenhorst plaque makes the pt. @ risk for?
*what is the Tx for TIA
*heparing therapy and long-term aspirin use
internal carotid CVA results in what type of blindness (ipsilateral, contralateral or bilateral)
Broca's aphasia and Wernicke's aphasia results from a CVA that occurs where?
middle cerebral a.
what is the triad for Horner's syndrome
Horner's synd. is assoc. w/ what type of tumor
Pancoast's tumor (apical lung tumor)
what is the most common primary brain tumor
4 non-inflammatory causes of edema
~increase organ pressure
~decrease plasma oncotic pressure
~lymphatic obstruction
~ Na+ retention
what are 2 common causes of a thrombus(clot)
BCP (birth control pill)
diff. between a thrombus and embolus
embolus is a clot on the move
most common bact. STD
chronic red eye
Tx for chlamydia
1g Azithromycin
Doxycycline 100 mg BID X 7dys
Tx for gonorrhea
Cetriaxone 125mg IM & Doxycycline 100mg po BID X 7d
what is the most common breast CA
infiltrating ductal Breast CA