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The advantages of inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide include all of the following Except rapid biotransformation in the liver.
-short recovery time
-rapid onset of action
-Ability to later the depth of sedation from moment to moment.
All of the following statements are true about anti neoplastic agents except that the most agents possess a very high therapeutic index.
-generally they are not curative,although the success rate is improving.
-generally they do not posess a selective effect on neoplastic cells.
-They are most effective in widely disseminated,non solid tumors.
-They tend to supress function of the bone marrow.
All of the following are pharmacologic and toxocologic properties of an aspirin except supression of the immune response
- Tinnitus.
- Analgesia.
- Salicylism.
- Anti pyresis.
All of the following statements with regard to the prostaglandin are correct except it is derived from essential amino acids.
The following are correct which include-
-It is a fatty acid.
-It is thought to be involved in the inflammatory process.
-It is thought to be involved in the reproductive process.
-Its synthesis may be inhibited by non steroidal,ant inflammatory agents.
All of the following are examples of iatrogenic diseases except Increased pottasium excretion from hyper aldosteronism.
- development of peptic ulcer with chronic use of aspirin.
- developement of gout with the use of thiazide diuretics.
-blood dyscrasias with use of chloramphenicol.
-psuedo membranous colitis from use of clindamycin.
Vaso constricting drugs are included in local anesthetic solutions for all the following reasons except to prevent penetration of the local anesthetic at the nerve membrane.
- Reduce the toxicity of local anesthetics
-prolong the duaration of action of local anesthetics.
-reduce the rate of vascular absorption of local anesthetics.
-Increase the concentration of the local anesthetic at the nerve membrane.
All of the following statements are true regarding intra venous Diazepam except that it has a low therapeutic index.
-Produces some degree of amnesia.
-can be employed to terminate most convulsive states.
-Is locally irritating to tissue and may produce thrombo plebitis.
-does not cause significant cardio vascular and respiratory depressions with normal use.
Hydero-cortisone may be expected to be effective in each of the following conditions except penicillin anaphylaxis.
- Allergic urticaria
-Temporo madibular arthritis.
-Ulcerative oral lesions.
-Acute adreno cortical insufficiency.
All of the following symptoms are associated withneostigmine poisioning except- convulsions.
-Bronchiolar constriction
-Skeletal muscle paralysis.
Heparin has all of the following effects except-reduction of circulating fibrinogen.
-activation of plasma antithrombin.
-blocking of thrombosplastin generation.
-neutralization of tissue thrombosplastin.
-clearing of alimentary hpyerlipemia.
Xerostomia is a common side effect of all of the following
drugs except reserpine.
which of the following is a bactericidal antibiotic used specifically in the treatment of infections caused by pseudomonas species and indole-positive proteus species?
Which of the following charecterizes the mechanism of action of levodopa?
It replenishes the otherwise deficient dopamine in patients with parkinsonism.
three ml of a local anesthetic consisting of 2% lidocaine with 1:100,000 epinephrine contains how many milligrams of each?
60 mg lidocaine,0.03 mg epinephrine.
Inhaled amonia acts against syncope by
stimulating the sensory nerve endings of the nasal mucosa.
Administartaion of a single 1gm dose of aspirin instead of the usual 650 mg will increase.
anti inflammatory response to the drug.
Verapamil is most efficacious in the treatment of
atrial tachycardia.
The current drug of choice for treatment of the manic phase of manic depressive psychosis is .
The most useful drug to induce salivation is one which has properties that are
Compared with the parent compound bio transformation usually results in drugs that are
More ionized.
Chlotetracycline acts by interfering with .
protien synthesis on bacterial but not on mammalian ribosomes
alpha 0r beta adrenergic blocking agets act by
competteive inhibition of post junctional adrenergic receptors.
Which of the following anesthetic drugs produces powerful stimulation of the cerebral cortex?
Which of the following is afrequent side-effect of anti histamine therapy.
Which of the following anti-hypertensive agents is most likely to cause an exaggerated response to an injected catecholamine.
Tetracycline reduces the effectiveness of concomitantly administered penicillin by
none of the above which include
- reducing the absorption of penicillin.
-increasing metabolism of penicillin.
-increasing renal excretion of penicillin.
increasing the binding of penicillin to serum proteins.
The rapidity of onset of anethesia with an inhalation anetshetic agent is primarily related to its
Degree of blood solubility.
hepatic "first pass" metabolism of drugs is most significant after which route of administration -
Oral route
The most serious consequence of systemic local anesthetic toxicity is
Post connvulsive central nervous system depression.
Local anesthetic drugs suitable for use as topical anesthetic agents in dentistry include
Benzocaine and lidocaine
The anti psychotic effects of phenothiazines result from
blockade of dopaminergic sites in the brain.
The primary action of theraupatic doses of digitalis on cardiac muscle is an increase in
force of contraction.
The maximum allowable adult dose of mepivacaine is 300 many milliliteres of 2% mepivacine should be injected to attain the maximal doasge in an adult patient
Oral contraceptives exert their primary effect by
Inhibiting ovulation
Which of the following drugs produces dissociative anesthesia with little respiratory or cardio vascular depression?
Benzodiazepines produce thier antianxiety effects by modulating which of the following neurohumors?
The agent of choice to reverse status epilepticus induced by local anesthetic over dose is
Which of thefollowing is an irreversible side effect resulting from long term administration of pheno thiazines?
Tardive dyskinesia
A pharmacologic effect agonist is a chemical substance that
Binds to a specific receptor and initiates a response.
Digitalis is useful in th treatment of which of th efollowing conditions?
all of the below

- Atrial fibrillation
- Congestive heart failure.
- Proxysmal atrial tachycardia
Treatment with sulfonamides is less likely to be accompanied by crystalluria if
-a mixture of sulfonamides is used