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A routine patient of yours is scheduled to meet with you the day after Thanksgiving. You receive a phone call from the family's patient asking you to reschedule the appointment until the following week because your patient was rushed to the hospital after a heavy Thanksgiving dinner.

The physicians determine that GI surgery will need to be conducted in order to alleciate the GI symptoms that the patient is manifesting. Which of the following structures is Not a retroperitoneal organ?
a) Bladder
b) Kidney
c) Suprarenal glands
d) Pancreas
e) Transverse colon
Transverse colon
A routine patient of yours is scheduled to meet with you the day after Thanksgiving. You receive a phone call from the family's patient asking you to reschedule the appointment until the following week because your patient was rushed to the hospital after a heavy Thanksgiving dinner.

During the surgical procedure, the physicians get out of hand as they reminisce the days of their Histology classes back in medical school. One of the surgeons asks the other where Brunner's glands are found. Where?
Submucosa of the Duodenum
Which of the following is Not found in orthokeratinized oral mucous membrane?
Stratum lucidum
Gingival connective tissue is primarily composed of which type of collagen?
Type I Collagen
Which type of epithelium composes intercalated ducts of the parotid gland?
Simple Cuboidal Cells
Which ganglia does the lesser petrosal nerve carry preganglionic parasympathetic fibers to?
Otic ganglia
Your patient complains of food trapping in his mouth. Which muscle may indicate paralysis if there is an accumulation of food in left oral vestibule?
Muscles of mastication receive their primary blood supply from arteries arising from which artery?
Pterygoid portion of Maxillary
The nerve which innervates the motor muscles of mastication transmits throught the?
Foramen Ovale
What type of tissue lines kidney tubules?
Simple cuboidal epithelium
Which of the following tissues work in conjunction to develop enamel?
a) Odontoblasts and stratum reticulum
b) Stratum reticulum
c) Stratum intermedium and ameloblasts
d) Reduced dental epithelium and epithelial rests of Malassez
e) Dental sac and stellate reticulum
Stratum intermedium and ameloblasts
Which of the following dental tissues is the Least mineralized?
a) Bone
b) Dentin
c) Cementum
d) Enamel
Where are Meibomian glands found?
Where in the mediastinum is the heart located?
Middle Mediastinum
The right fourth aortic arch forms the?
a) Right internal carotid
b) Left subclavian
c) Right subclavian
d) Dorsal aorta
e) Pulmonary aorta
Right subclavian artery
Pectinate muscles of the heart are found in the tissues of the?
a) Left ventricle
b) Right atrium
c) Right ventricle
d) Left atrium
e) Aorta
Right Atrium
Taste perception in the anterior 2/3 of the tongue is derived from which branchial arch?
Second Branchial Arch
Each of the following muscles attach to the humerus Except one.
a) Teres major
b) Deltoid
c) Latissimus dorsi
d) Pectoralis major
e) Biceps brachii
Biceps Brachii
Which of the following is NOT a feature of the nasopharynx?
a) Salpingopharyngeal fold
b) Torus tubarius
c) Pharyngeal tonsils
d) Piriform recess
e) Torus levatorius
Piriform recess
What is the sequence of the layers of the alimentary canal from inner to outer layers?
Mucosa, submucosa, muscularis externa, serosa
What type of epithelium lines the maxillary sinus?
Stratified ciliated columnar
What structure can be used to identify the location of the second rib?
Sternal Angle
What is the Right subclavian artery a branch of?
Brachiocephalic artery
Which muscle separates the superior and middle pharyngeal constrictors?
What region of the mediastinum is the Thoracic duct located?
Superior and Posterior Mediastinum
What type of epithelium is found in the ureter?
Transitional epithelium
Each of the following are rotator cuff muscles Except one.
a) Supraspinatus
b) Teres minor
c) Infraspinatus
d) Teres Major
e) Subscapularis
Teres Major
What type of epithelium lines the oral epithelium of the gingiva?
Stratified Squamous Keratinizing
The cell bodies involved in the jaw jerk reflex are found in the?
Mesencephalic nucleus and Trigeminal Motor nucleus
Which of the following symptoms would a patient with Bell's Palsy exhibit?
a) Vertigo
b) Difficulty opening the eye
c) Lack of taste in the posterior 1/3 of the tongue
d) Lack of salvation from parotid gland
e) Hyperacusis
Which nerve innervates the muscle that is responsible for the closure of the eye?
Facial Nerve
Which of the following tissues line the junctional epithelium?
a) Stratified squamous non-keratizing
b) Stratified columnar
c) Stratified squamous keratinizing
d) Stratified cuboidal
e) Pseudostratified columnar
Stratified Squamous Non-Keratinizing
Each of the following are basophilic hormones of the adenohypophysis Except one.
a) LH
b) FSH
c) GH
e) TSH
Hassall's corpuscle are found in the?
In decreasing the energy required by newborns to breathe, Type I alveolar cells secrete surfactant Because it breaks down surface tension in the pleural cavity.
The statement is NOT correct but the reason is correct
The origin of the inferior head of the lateral pterygoid muscle is the?
Lateral surface of the Lateral Pterygoid Plate
What landmark does the trachea bifurcate into left and right primary bronchi?
Sternal Angle
The cerebral aqueduct arises from the?
Which organelle manifests as Nissl bodies in certain cells?
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
The Myenteric plexus is contained in which layer of the gastrointestinal tract?
Muscularic externa
Which of the following muscles do NOT receive its innervation from the buccal branch of the facial nerve?
a) Platysma
b) Dilator naris
c) Zygomatic minor
d) Levator labii superioris
e) Procerus
What is the correct order of the zones of cartilage from the epiphysis inward?
Resting, Proliferative, Hypertrophy, Calcification, Ossification
Which of the following muscles of the soft palate is NOT innervated by the pharyngeal plexus?
a) Palatopharyngeus
b) Tensor vili palatini
c) Palatoglossus
d) Uvula
e) Levator veli palatini
Tensor veli palatini
The pterygomandibular raphe attaches to which two muscles?
Superior pharyngeal constrictor & Buccinator
The squamosal suture is the articulation between?
Parietal and Temporal Bone
Which node do most of the oral cavity's lymphatics drain into?
Which of the following events does NOT happen during tooth eruption?
a) Penetration of oral mucosa
b) Remodeling of bone
c) Formation of dentinoenamel junction
d) Elongation of root
e) Remodeling of periodontal ligament
Formation of dentinoenamel junction
A muscle fascicle is surrounded by which of the following tissues?
a) Perimysium
b) Epineurium
c) Endomysium
d) Epimysium
e) Tendon
The middle pharyngeal constrictor muscle attaches to which of the following structures?
a) Pharyngeal tubercle
b) Hamulus on the medial pterygoid plate
c) Hyoid bone
d) Thyroid cartilage
e) Cricoid cartilage
Hyoid bone
Each of the following are infrahyoid muscles Except one.
a) Omohyoid
b) Sternothyroid
c) Sternohyoid
d) Stylohyoid
e) Thyrohyoid