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Most all computer systems have at least what type of software?
a word processing package (wpp)
What youth group is authorized to embark aboard a US Navy ship?
Boy Scouts of America
When funding permits, embarked civilians on a guest cruise should receive what memento?
a photograph of the ship signed by the CO
Where, if ever, are Tiger Cruise guests allowed to eat in the wardroom?
What phrase is considered most appropriate when you answer the telephone?
Ship/station, name, greeting

"USS George Washington Public Affairs, PO Sailor speaking, how may I help you, please?"
What is the standard size of Navy Correspondence?
8.5x11 inches
Is temperature control more or less important at higher pH value?
More important
Photojournalists attempt to portray their feelings of the subject to the viewer by what approach?
True or False.
Copyright protection is available for all unpublished works, regardless of the nationality or domicle of the author.
In motion media, what type of shot is used to depict a vast area from an apparently long distance?
Extreme Long Shot (ELS)
In motion media, is the Hi-8 system completely compatible with all other recoding systems?
In motion media, what term describes un-wanted sounds or electrical interference in an audio or video signal?
In motion media, what is the NORMAL film rate for motion picture photograhy?
24 fps
What does a LOW KEY scene often suggest?
- Seriousness
- Mystery

*often used in horror pictures
How many types of standard folding modes are there when using the DUPLO DF-520N?
When printing on the RisoGraph, what rotates to print the specified number of copies?
the drum unit
To print with another color of ink, what must you do when using the RisoGraph?
Replace the entire drum units with that color

*make sure optional color units are pre-purchased
The lithium battery in the RisoGraph lasts how many years?
The RisoGraph machine exterior is plastic, what should you NOT use to clean it?
Alcohols or Solvents
What is the loading capacity of the paper feeder for the DUPLO DF-520N?
500 sheets
PowerPoint presentations are saved with what file extension?
What compositional lines shows ACTION?
What compositional lines show DIGNITY?
When does copyright protection for a work begin?
at the time the work is created in a FIXED FORM
In the case of works made for hire, who is legally considered to be the author of such works?
ONLY the employer who commissioned the work
Under the current copyright laws, who owns the copyright on a work after the transfer of any material/object that embodies a protected work has taken place?
the person HOLDING the copyright BEFORE the transfer occured
The focal length can be changed on what type of lens?
What type of light creates a CONCENTRATED beam of light?
What type of lines represent movement, action, and speed?
Diagonal lines
What is the MAX. lighting ratio for good color portraits?
What are the "Light Secondary" or subtractive primary colors when color printing?
- Cyan
- Yellow
- Magenta
In color printing, are filters used to ADD or SUBTRACT a particular color?
What is the BEST material for storing photographic solutions?
Who must approve all release of imagery to national and international sources?
Unclassified photographs that have been cleared for Public Release should be stamped on the back with what info?
- United States Navy Photography
- Please credit USN Photo
What type of memory is the working memory in a computer system?
Random Access Memory (RAM)
In news writing, a sentence must not exceed what number of words?
What outdoor lighting condition is best for photographing buildings?
Direct, angled sunlight from a cloudless sky
What colors of light represent the Visible Spectrum?
Red, Green, Blue, and Violet

* RGB + V
What type of viewpoint is used to minimize the apparent strength or size of the subject?
High Viewpoint
What lighting condition is the WORST for architectural photography?
light in cloudy weather
What color of light is made up of an even mixture of all the visible wavelength?
Electronic imaging has what advantage(s) compared to conventional photography?
- Images can be viewed faster
- Environmentally friendly
- Images may be transmitted rapidly
Is LOW KEY photographs mostly dark or light?
You have changed the lens setting from f/5.6 to f/16. What term describes the actions you have taken?
Stopping Down
In Photoshop, what series of commands or events that allow you to play back on a single file or a batch of files?
In Photoshop, what tools are used to DARKEN areas of an image, based on a traditional photographer's technique for regulation exposure on specific areas of a print?
the burn tool
In Photoshop, when editing an image or graphic element in the Quick Mask options, what 2 colors indicate opaque and transparent areas?
Transparent = black
Opaque = white
In Photoshop, what is referred to the range of colors that can be displayed in RGB and may be unprintable for your CMYK settings?
In Photoshop, what is the alert triangle that appears next to the color values?
Out-of-gamut color range for printing
In Illustrator, where can a designer obtain a generic collection of pre-set symbols?
in the Symbol Library
True or False.
Vector graphics are resolution independent b/c they can be output to the highest quality at any scale.
Plans for the homecoming ceremony of a ship are executed with the help of what individual?
the "sister-ship" homecoming coordinator
What device was used by newspaper editors of the '30s & '40s to establish the upper right-hand corner of a newspaper page as the focal point?
Banner Headlines
What are the components of a desktop publishing system?
- Personal computer
- Page layout software
- Laser Printer
When some-one becomes aware that classified/unclassified info is unofficially released to the public, who should they notify?
the CNO
You must crop a valuable photo of which you only have 1 print. What cropping procedure should you follow?
When you select ornaments for a print job, what is the general rule to follow?
use ornaments that correspond with the type
What typeface is used to print posters and newspaper headlines?
What term in typography is used to describe the different styles of type?
What color of light balancing filters should you use to raise the color temp. of light?
A print is displayed in the quarterdeck area. Where should the photograph be printed and in what manner?
With normal contrast and density
In news-writing, paragraphs should have at least how many number of words?
at least 60 words
What is usually the 1st means by which a viewer identifies an object within a picture?
by shape
How many witnesses are required for the destruction of TOP SECRET material?

* both personnel must have a TOP SECRET clearance
What are the 2 major components of a computer system?
- Hardware
- Software
A non-digital still video camera uses what type of signal to record images?
How many characters are there in the NICN (Navy Item Control Number)?
Which seem heavier:
objects in the upper-part of a picture or objects in the lower-part of the picture?
Upper Part
Asymmetrical, or informal balance, is usually much more interesting than what?
Symmetrical or Formal balance
What type of balance is achieved when elements on both sides of the picture are of equal weight?
Symmetrical or Formal
When using a camera that is prone to parallax problems, does the problem get worse or better when the camera moves closer to the subject?
It gets worse
Light balance filters are available in what 2 colors?
- Blue
- Yellow
What do the TOP and SIDE borders have in common when Mounting a print?
They are of equal size
When mounting a print, should the bottom border be the same size as the top and sides for good balance?
- The bottom border should be 1/3 wider than the other sides
Which room of a photo lab is considered the "hub" of activity?
Finishing Room
What is the standard OVERALL size of a passport photograph?
2x2 inches
Light should normally be placed on 2 sides of a copy board. What angle is recommended for general use?
45 degrees
How long must the record of destruction be retained?
2 years
What lens is very useful for taking pictures of extreme close-up shots?
Macro Lens
Is the circle of confusion more or less obvious with small f/stops?
Less obvious
In a newspaper, the width of a column is approximately what number of inches?
2 inches
What term describes software written to perform a specific function?
Application software
As the compression ratio increases, what happens to the quality of the image?
It decreases
Filters are usually identified by what?
When does a Fiscal Year begin and end?
Begins- Oct 1st
Ends- Sept 30th
What theory was published by Max Planck to explain the X-Ray, radiation, and photo-electricity?
Quantum Theory
The distance from the crest of one wave to the crest of the next wave of light is a?
What scale is used to measure the color temperature of light?
What are two classifications of primary storage in a computer?
- Read Only Memory (ROM)
- Random Access Memory (RAM)
On a color CRT screen, what 3 colors compose a single pixel?
Red, green, blue (RGB)
What device is used to transmit data over long distances by converting digital signals to audio signals and vice versa?
What is the best average height for the camera when making a sitting portrait?
slight above the subjects eye-level
What type of background screen finish is best for portraits?
Matte Finish
How often should the combo to a safe be changed on a routine basis?
A newspaper measuring 12 inches x 18 inches and having 5 columns is said to be in what format?
Tabloid Format
True or False?
A layout editor must be able to determine approximate length (in column inches) of a story from a typed copy.
The WIDTH of a line of type is measured in what?
The HEIGHT of a letter of type is measured in what?
What typeface is used to print formal material, such as invitations?
Typefaces that bear a close resemblance to each other, but are not exactly alike in design are know by?
When you use an initial letter to begin a page or paragraph, what rule is generally followed?
The rest of the word is capitalized
Color hue is defined as what property of color?
Most movie cameras permit the use of INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES, or have what?
Zoom lenses
What is the preferred location for the videotape platform in the CIB conference room?
in the rear of the room
The distance from the optical center of a lens to te film plane is 150mm. What is the focal length of this lens?
150 mm
What is the most important factor for getting a spot-news photograph published?
Specular light strikes a smooth surface at 60 degrees. At what angle is it reflected?
60 degrees
How many digital images should be transmitted per email to NVNS?
What type of shapes seem to have more weight: Regular or Irregular?
What type of computer system is used in electronic imaging?
General Purpose
A nanometer is equal to what number of millimeters?
What supply publication is used in ALL BRANCHES of the military?
You are printing a photograph for reproduction in a newspaper/magazine. What should the print be so it has contrast?
The terms dull, bright, vivid, and brilliant are used to describe what color characteristics?
In a news story, the climax is presented in what location?
the end
A group of LOOSELY related photographs that provide the reader with only a few misc. impressions of an event is known as?
a picture sequence
When photographing a building, you notice in the viewfinder that the sides of the building appears to be bending toward the center of the image area. What type of lens is in your camera?
What type of light meter is pointed toward the camera?
Incident-Light Meter
In a picture story, what is the purpose of a cutline?
Bridge the gap between the text & the photograph(s)
What causes "red-eye"?
when the flash is too close to the optical axis of the lens with the subject looking directly at the camera
What type of modeling light is best for BACK LIGHTING?
Alkaline batteries work well in temperatures down to about how many degrees below 0 degrees Fahrenheit?
-30 degrees Fahrenheit
Do objects moving PERPENDICULAR appear to be moving faster or slower than objects moving DIAGONALLY?
they appear faster
In what war did photo-journalism sought to interpret the war by concentrating on individuals?
Korean War
Job order forms are required to maintain records sufficient to account for expenditures of consumables and must be maintained for 2 years. What is NOT a requirement on job order forms.
Product Due Date
What statement is true of copying a slide from 1 presentation to another in PowerPoint?
Can copy more than 1 slide
What component(s) of a PowerPoint presentation can you print?
- Slides
- Outlines
- Speaker Notes
What method allows you to create a PowerPoint presentation which contains unified background and color, but NO content prompts?
Design Template
What survey step should you accomplish last on an audience survey?
The success of the toll-free telephone line operated by CHINFO during Desert Storm was partially attributed to what factor?
analysis of trends discovered in the phone calls
To receive good response rates when using a mail survey, you should take what action?
- Keep surveys short & concise
- Have CO sign survey
- Include self-addressed envelope inside the survey
During a mail survey, you should stress what point?
that the respondent will not have biography identity released
If you break your survey results into smaller demographic categories, what result occurs?
the sample size will decrease
Because of the difficulty in tabulation, you should avoid using what type(s) of survey questions?
When you write multiple choice questions for an audience survey, you should avoid what practice?
Writing responses that have overlapping categories
Most public affairs messages are sent using what precedence?
What is the teardrop symbol found on the Photoshop tool bar used for?
Blur Tool
Define libel.
Injury to reputation (defamation) that is printed.
You receive 5 telephone calls in a 30-min. span while working on 2 very important projects. What action should you take?
Continue working, then return calls as soon as possible
What Illustrator tool allows a graphic designer to CUT curved or straight paths?
Knife Tool
What size of camera is most suitable for retaining MAX detail in the negative?
What type of shutter do Rangefinder camers have?
What type of area required an escort?
Limited Area

* most photo labs use this
A National Stock Number (NSN) contains what number of digits?
A VIRIN consists of 15 data elements and can be broken down into how many distinct info fields?


Date/Navy/SSN/Image number
What typeface is used to print labels on cans and boxes?
While light is a mixture of all the colors of light. However, only 3 basic colors are actually needed to make white light---what are they?
Red, Green, and Blue

*the light primaries
*these color produce any other color
What is photographic composition?
The pleasing arrangement of subject matter in picture area
What type of angle lends strength and dominance to a subject and is used when dramatic impact is desired?
Low Angle
The battery will wear out in the DUPLO DF-520N when the unit has been left off continuously for how many months?
3 months
Art/Coated papers are difficult to fold as their printed sufaces end to do what in the DUPLO DF-520N?
- Stick together
- Cause double feeding
What is the highest precedence is normally authorized for admin messages?
What punctuation mark/symbol may
NOT be used in Naval Message?
When, if ever, may female entertainers stay overnight during an embark aboard a US Navy ship?
when CO of the ship authorizes it
A picture sequence is a series of photographs that centers around what number of subjects?
The letter "P" in a circle indicates what type of copyright notice?
-Sound Recordings
Under the new copyright laws, when is a work considered created.
when fixed in a copy or phono-record for the 1st time
The MC rating is a customer service oriented rate. If a customer is asking the "impossible" what should you do?
-Tell them so
-Offer alternatives and solutions
What does pH refer to?
the measure of the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a processing solution
Before putting a telephone caller on hold, you should use what phrase?
"One moment, please."
A detailed plan or sketch showing the arrangement of art, headlines, and copy to guide in making up the actual pages in a layout is what?
a dummy
What does 67 denote in a FSC?
the Photographic Group
Who prepares the DD Form 200?
person accountable for the property in question
What is the scanning resolution on a RisoGraph?
400 DPI
What is the power supply used for the DUPLO DF-520N?
- 120 VAC
- 60 Hz
What picture is most important in a picture story?
What individual within a command is responsible for maintaining the original custody cards?
The Supply Officer
In news writing, what is the purpose of a story bridge?
To smooth the transition between the lead and the body
The assignments of a Navy photojournalist can be categorized into what 2 groups?
- Spot News
- Feature Picture
What are the 2 reasons to change the combo to a safe OTHER than a routine annual change?
-When someone transfers
-When combo has been compromised
What supply publication lists Supportive Repair Parts for photographic equipment?

Photographic Equipment List
What is the IMPREST Fund?
Used for emergencies

(petty cash fund)
Full f/stops decrease by how much?
by half
The inherrent errors of a lens are known by what terms?
A complete unit which has been planned, released and often supported with text and captions is a?
Picture Story
What type of libel is considered most serious and can support a lawsuit in itself?
Libel per se
The Copyright Act of 1976 became effective on what date?
January 1, 1978
What compositional line shows BEAUTY?
Curved lines
Assume that you are assigned to furnish regular photo coverage for the PAO. To be ready for this at all times, you should do what?
- Have camera & accessories
- Clean & test equipment regularly
- Keep equipment assembled in one place
What type of Pan should normally be used with motion picture photography?
left to right pan
Name 7 problems for which a LOW camera viewpoint should be used as a corrective techinque.
1. Wide forehead
2. Baldness
3. Deep set eyes
4. Long nose
5. Hooked nose
6. Oval face with weak chin
7. Short neck
Hight 3/4 lighting would be used to correct what in portraiture?
Large or protruding eyes
Why is Painted Light useful in product photography?
1 of the best ways of obtaining even illumination & soft shadows
What would a low modeling light correct?
- Protruding lips
- High cheeks
What is one of the essential tools in product lighting?
What is the main DISADVANTAGE of using a medium format camera for product photography?
Lack of adjustment for distortion correction
What is short lighting?
The side of the face is turned AWAY from the camera is illuminated
What corrective technique is used for EAR problems (protruding, large/small)?
- Show only one ear
- Shield ligt from accentuating ears (3/4 pose)
What is a halftone?
reproduction by printing processes in which the graduation of tone is reproduced by various sized dots and intermittent white spaces
In portraiture what do the following have in common:
narrow forehead, short nose, long chin, square face, and long neck?
can be corrected by using High Camera Viewpoint
In portraiture, where should the modeling light be placed for side lighting?
90 degree angle to camera lens axis & brought forward
How is the correct height for the modeling light determined?
raise or lower the light under the shadow cast by the nose is just long enough to touch the top edge of the upper lips of the subject
What is the dominant factor in determining the distance the modeling light should be placed from the subject?
the forehead light
What is used as the FILL LIGHT in portraits?
What is usually used as the KEY LIGHT in portraits especially where a fairly soft effect is desired?
a floodlight
What is the minimum exposure time required when using painted light?
10 secs
When using the painted light techniques the exposure must be increased by a factor of?
For what are foam-core boards commonly used? (Draftsman)
Dry-mounting & vacuum mounting
Despite the many advantages of foam core boards, it is not considered archival. Why? (Draftsman)
- Core gives off acid vapors
- Core naturally decomposes after a long period of time
Foam boards were originally developed for use in the graphic arts, but have now found their way into the world of fine art. What is the main complaint about using these boards for painting or sculpture?(Draftsman)
Boards deteriorate quicker
There are several types of foam -Cor. What types of Foam-Cor are used the most often? (Draftsman)
- Original
- Acid-Free
- Super Thick
The alteration of official U.S. Navy imagery by persons acting on behalf of the DoD is prohibited, except in what case?
when photographic/video image enhancement, exploitation and simulation techniques used in support of cartography
What are the criteria for a DoN website to be considered trustworthy?
Accurate & Current
Under the Privacy Act, military personnel have little expectation of privacy. What choice is kept confidential regardless of military affiliations.
Circumstances surrounding an individual's death
Information must be reviewed and approved at the appropriate level before release. What is considered non-releasable info?
Past intelligence collection activities
News media representatives are not usually given access to classified info. When is an exception made to this "rule of thumb"?
when they agree to w/hold publication until authorized by military authorites
Most media inquires parallel the concerns & interests of members of Congress. When answering an inquiry, what guideline is used.
Congress should receive the info before it is released to the media or the public
In PowerPoint, what method of creating a new presentation allows you to define how you'll be presenting the material before the presentation is created?
The auto content wizard
What is Project Handclasp?
A program that coordinates transportation and delivery of humanitarian, educational and goodwill material.
What types of event(s) are Naval Personnel authorized to attend?
Events creating the appearance of comaraderie between the community and the military